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June 29, 2023

Momentum - Asana Integration

To manage Asana tasks efficiently using Slack's Momentum Integration

Using Momentum's automation process, managing Asana tasks has become much more easier with Momentum + Slack integration. If your Slack workspace is not already enriched with the goodness of Momentum, click here to get help on Slack and Momentum integration.

Once you have Momentum app added in your Slack workspace, you can use it to integrate with Asana and automate flows, so you can effectively update all your Asana tasks right from your slack channel.

To integrate Momentum with Asana follow this guide.

  1. From any Slack channel, enter '/integr' to find the option "Configure Integrations With Momentum" as shown below & hit enter
  1. It'll then show a bunch of different products you can integrate Momentum with, Select "Authorize" for "Asana"
  1. Once that is done, a new browser window will be opened with Asana home page.
  1. Login with your credentials and complete the authentication flow in Asana.