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How can I improve visibility and reporting?
March 3, 2024

How can I improve visibility and reporting?

Momentum’s reporting workflows let you embed and fine-tune notifications and reports about your sales activities.

In this article you'll learn how to:

  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly reports, delivered privately or publicly for everyone to discuss
  • Enable real-time notifications for key events and activities your team cares about
  • Easily fine-tune and adapt your notification so they never overwhelm your team

How do I stay on top of pipeline progression and deal activity if I spend my days running from meeting to meeting?

Momentum can deliver reports to you in a single Slack message at the right time of day. Whether it’s a quick high-level overview of your lead pipeline or a daily activity report to your team channel, you’ll have what you need to understand and discuss numbers with others efficiently.

What if notifications start overwhelming my team?

Every notification Momentum sends can be easily turned off or tweaked without ever visiting our admin or learning to code. Change the frequency, detail, or destination of your notifications quickly and easily so everyone receives the right level of information.

How do I stay close to important updates from my team’s opportunities?

Momentum’s push-based system detects and notifies you of key events the second they happen. Get opportunity stage changes, activities, leads, and account events posted so you can quickly see and act on new information.