Automatically add contacts to Salesforce after every call

Momentum’s Contact Automation effortlessly captures every participant and syncs them as a lead or contact in Salesforce. Boost your multi-threading or lead recycling efforts instantly and at scale with zero effort.

"Momentum has genuinely streamlined the way we tackle sales and customer success. It's like having an extra set of hands on deck, especially with its integration of key tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Gong, right into our daily workflow."
Basile Senesi
CRO @ Arc
Turn contact creation on autopilot and never miss a record
Momentum picks up attendees from calls and adds them as a contact or lead, depending on your Salesforce object. Sync manually or automatically to match your desired process.
Help your reps capture contacts + leads 10x faster
Momentum ensures that no attendees get missed (even ones that are added to the Google Calendar but miss the meeting). Save your reps from remembering to switch to Salesforce by turning this into an automated workflow in just a few clicks.  
Let contact data flow in however is best for your org
Momentum gives you complete control on how you want to setup your Contact automation, i.e. ping your reps in Slack when a contact has been added or allow them to manually fill in relevant contact details before saving.
How top revenue teams use Momentum
AI Efficiency
Immediately extract and act on key insights
Supercharge productivity and never miss a step
CRM Hygiene
10x data hygiene for more accurate decision-making
Coach at scale to boost rep performance

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