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Integrating Slack Connect with Momentum Automation
March 3, 2024

Integrating Slack Connect with Momentum Automation

Use Momentum to interact with customers and partners over Slack Connect

Momentum also works on Slack Connect channels! This is very handy as it allows customers to use the Momentum features that they love to automate and optimize processes also in channels shared with customers and partners.

The steps are very quick:

Use /momentum-deal-assist Slash command or click Deal Assist on the Home Screen.

If you have done this from the home screen or within a Dealroom, there is no need to pick a Salesforce Opportunity - Otherwise, select an Opportunity:

Select "Link Slack Channels" Assist type - if you don't see this action please let us know so we can get the recipe enabled on your account:

Select the External Slack Channel and submit:

If the Opportunity has a Dealroom associated, you will see a confirmation posted in the Dealroom:

And that's it! The Slack connect channel is now linked to a Salesforce Object so you are ready to use your favorite Momentum features to interact with it, like for example Momentum workflows that trigger on Connect channel interactions.