A smarter revenue tech stack

Momentum integrates with the tools your revenue team already uses to automate and streamline any process.
"Momentum has been pivotal in streamlining my tasks as the first go-to-market hire at Harmonic. I've been able to build a solid operations infrastructure, and Momentum has been central in this journey."

Akbar Kahn

Growth @ Harmonic

Core Workflow Tools

Install Momentum in Slack to get real-time insight in how deals are progressing and what's happening on your calls.
Connect Momentum and Salesforce to update Salesforce fields easily, bring Salesforce updates to Slack, and create workflow automations.

Call Intelligence Software

Add Momentum to Zoom to auto-record calls, capture notes + CRM fields, and bring full visibility to your team in Slack.
Connect Gong and Momentum to get calls summaries in Slack, update Salesforce automatically, and get signals.
Connect Google with Momentum to auto-record your calls, summarize & save notes, capture Salesforce fields and post to Slack.
Integrate Momentum with Chorus to get well-written summaries that post directly to Salesforce and Slack, plus field extractions.
Integrate Momentum with Salesloft to generate a summary, post it to Slack, capture data fields, and save to Salesforce automatically.  
Track all of your SDR calls with our Dialapad integration. Capture notes, provide emails to your SDRs, and capture fields in Salesforce.
Add Momentum to your Teams call (or your prospects calls) to capture a note, extract fields, and save automatically to Salesforce.

Additional Tools in the Stack

Add your leads to Outreach sequences directly from Slack.
Connect Google Docs & Google Calendar to create workflow automations.
Automatically create Zendesk tickets right from Slack with our integration.
Create Asana tickets with the click of a button right from Slack.
Create Jira tickets with the click of a button right from Slack.
Automate approvals and discount requests in Slack with our Approvals integrations.
Automatically create workflows as soon as someone does a Stripe transaction.  
Track activity and emails with our Mixmax integration.
Move faster with Momentum