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The Ask Momentum bot is the fastest way to get insights about deals. After calls, let the bot tell you about any moment of the call, including champions, close dates, and key decision makers, then push this info to Salesforce automatically.

“Being able to push AI-generated summaries of our calls into Slack is really powerful. It eliminates the need for leadership to ask what happened in individual calls—they can see the summary and ask questions of it in Slack. And they can follow up with the rep if they need to right in the same thread.”
Scott Miller
Head of RevOps @ Arc
Understand your pipeline simply by asking questions
Use the Ask Momentum bot to quickly pinpoint specific insights about a customer, so you can get immediate visibility into deal health and make data-driven decisions that improve sales outcomes.
Save your answers as CRM data automatically
Transform bot answers into Salesforce field data by pushing tasks, contact details, or next steps to your CRM in just a few clicks.
Train your reps based on real call data
Create custom call frameworks based on past conversations that can be used for training new reps in any sales methodology, optimizing the rep onboarding process.
How top revenue teams use Momentum
AI Efficiency
Immediately extract and act on key insights
Supercharge productivity and never miss a step
CRM Hygiene
10x data hygiene for more accurate decision-making
Coach at scale to boost rep performance

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