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8:30 AM
📞 Guy <> Momentum | Intro Meeting has been analyzed📝🔥
👥 Internal Attendees:
👥 External Attendees:
  • Guy Hawkinson
  • Jenny Bartosh
🗒️ Call Summary
  • Guy Hawkinson is a leader at SecureSmarter, a company focused on financial security.
  • Guy said he’s interested in leveraging AI and automation to optimize their sales processes and make more informed decisions.
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8:30 AM
Kudos on qualifying deal NB-SecureSmarter 🙌! Let’s keep it updated!
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Guy <> Momentum | Intro Meeting
3 participants - Tuesday, Jan 23, 10:00 EST
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  • Guy Hawkinson is a leader at SecureSmarter, a company focused on financial security
  • Guy said he’s interested in leveraging AI and automation to optimize their sales processes and make more informed decisions.
  • Jessie explained how Momentum can help with their sales operations, providing automatic call summaries, syncing with Salesforce, and generating actionable isights.
  • The conversation touched on the limitations of their existing tool and the need for a tool like Momentum to bridge the gap between call recordings and Salesforce.
  • They discussed possible times for the demo, settling on 10:00 AM on Wednesday, Jan 24.
Overall the call focused on Guy’s interest in leveraging AI and data to improve sales processes at SecureSmarter. They scheduled a demo for the next day to explore further.

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Culture Amp
Steve Dinner
Head of RevOps
Momentum substantially increases the probability of reps doing the right things at the right time. It's the number one thing I mention when I talk to friends in RevOps. I say, ‘Let me show you something that will change your world.
Andrea Scott
Weights and Biases
We chose Momentum because of their investment in harnessing the power of LLMs to make manual, repetitive Salesforce data entry a thing of the past.
Aaron Bartel
We use Momentum to automate note taking and call summaries and it's fantastic—helping to deliver customer insight straight to our CEO and engineering team. It's revamped how we handle sales and customer engagement at our company.
Yesenia Mccoy
Director of SalesOps
Momentum truly revolutionized our approach to SalesOps. Having all of our deals visible real time as they progress through the sales cycle has been a huge advantage. It’s our sales command center, providing actionable intelligence.
Alex Carstens
Head of RevOps
Ever since we integrated Momentum into our operations, we've seen a clear uptick in productivity. The platform's knack for wrangling sales, customer success, and revenue operations under one roof has been impressive.
Ben Zimmerman
Revenue Applications Lead
Momentum has seriously streamlined our business process. Since we integrated it, our Sales, Customer Success, and Revenue Operations teams have been functioning like a well-oiled machine."
Alek Milovidov
Every time I show a sales manager the Momentum call summaries, I get one of 3 responses: a) awesome, b) amazing, or c) love it!. It's been years since I've heard sales managers get this excited about a tool.
Sam Lee
Momentum has changed the sales management game for us while offering a seamless Salesforce logging process to the reps. The tight integration with Slack as well as AI powered insights are must-haves for our business.
Neil Manvar
Looking at Momentum updates while having my cappuccino in the morning provides me and other stakeholders all the visibility and updates we need without having to ask for it.
Michael Wilde
I don’t know how I would update key stakeholders without Momentum other than through a whole lot of emails, disjointed Slack messages, and no real process to guide where the deal is going.
Arpan Patel
Our whole company loves the AI call summaries and getting notifications about them right in Slack. No one has to bug sales reps or listen to calls at 1.5x as much anymore, trying to catch info.
Alex Scalisi
When I first started using Momentum, I could feel my anxiety level going down. We have a number of opportunities and managing all of these can be very daunting. To have deal rooms within Momentum, with all my team being part of each opportunity right there - it's been life-altering.
Brittany Gonzalez
When we make workflow changes, I have peace of mind knowing that Momentum is the least of my worries. Plus it has the flexibility to fit our needs.
João Dias
We did a Momentum trial after trying 3-4 other vendors, and our reps immediately fell in love with it. They said the call summaries were the best they’d seen.
Mark Moore
Treasure Data
In my 15+ years in SalesOps and Deal Desk, auditable non-standard deal approval documentation has been an unaddressed challenge. Momentum has a simple and elegant solution for this. I can get executive approval via Slack and archive it directly into Salesforce. Absolutely brilliant!
Scott Miller
Arc Technologies
Before Momentum, there was a lot of scrambling to find out what was happening. It was more difficult to have a finger on the pulse of the stream of events across all of our sales operations.
Libby Gibson
“Working with Momentum has been wonderful. They're helping us streamline day to day tasks with their workflow recipes and are saving us a ton of time. I can't wait to see how Momentum evolves! Sky is the limit."
Catherine Hsieh
It's a joy partnering with the Momentum team! We use Momentum automations for core notification workflows, and our Enterprise sales team uses the impressive Momentum AI features everyday.
Nathan Follen
Momentum is incredibly useful for automatically turning our own customer calls into powerful sources of enrichment data. We're really excited to be working with them.

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8:30 AM
📞 The NB Lending Bank Opp call has been analyzed 📝🔥
👥 Attendees
  • 👫 Marie Richardson
  • 👫 John Adams
🗒️ Call Summary
The call between Demo Corp and the prospect was productive and informative. Georgia, the VP of Revenue Operations, discussed the current state of their sales stack, which includes Slack and Salesforce. She discussed the process of cleaning up and organizing Salesforce into a usable tool, avnd the team’s commitment to keeping the data clean moving forward. Georgia also mentioned the importance of automation and inegrations with tools like Gong and Outreach to capture and log information. Finally, Georgia discussed the...
Actionable insights on the call 👇
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8:30 AM
Decreasing Sales Cycle by 10 days in the next Quarter
Economic Buyer:
Eleanor Pena, Vp of Sales
Decision Criteria:
Quick deployment time. Self-serve capabilities
Decision Process:
Security check, POC during an entire week, stakeholders meeting and RFP submission

Automate Salesforce data capture: MEDDIC, SPICED or just a 'next step'

signal to send
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Acme Follow Up - Thanks for meeting!
Mark Jones <mark@lendingbank.com>
Hi Mark,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your sales process and pain points. As discussed, please find attached a deck summarizing how Acme can help streamline your sales process through Slack integration and automation.We’ll connect you shortly with one of our customers, Moogle Inc, who had similar pain points to yours and are currently using Acme.

We understand that you have some big projects kicking off, including a sales onboarding project, so we appreciate your interest in a POC a...
8:30 AM
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8:30 AM
Adam Marks is at it again! 📞🤝🔥
Catherine Stillman
October 14th at 10:41 AM
Security Review Status?
Lending Bank
For call notes, check the threaded message 👇
1 reply
5 days ago
Updates and lead for Lending Bank

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Save time and lay the foundation for great long-term customer relationships from the very first call. AI-generated emails ensure timely follow-ups that leverage contextual details, and always-up-to-date, easy-to-find customer data keeps deals moving and streamlines every interaction, from negotiations to handoffs and renewals.
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