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How to Use Slash Commands with Momentum
March 3, 2024

How to Use Slash Commands with Momentum

Slash Commands

Momentum Slash commands can be run from anywhere in your slack. Just type / in the message bar, and most commands will start showing up as you type them down.

If you submit a command from within a Smart Deal Room, Momentum will automatically know what Opportunity you're trying to act on. Otherwise, it will ask.

Slash Command




Bring up a popup to update your Salesforce opportunity from Slack


Create a Smart Deal Room for one of your Opportunities from anywhere in Slack


Trigger a Deal Assist request for one of your deals


Subscribe to lead creation notification


Easily rename a Momentum Dealroom


View your Salesforce dashboard in Slack


Quickly check the status of any Dealroom


Subscribe to Call Log from Salesforce


Subscribe notifications for Salesforce tasks


Unsubscribe to Salesforce Call Logs


Unsubscribe to lead creation notification


Raise an issue for a deal and get the right people involved


Unsubscribe Salesforce tasks notification