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June 29, 2023

Momentum AI Google Meet Integration

Configuring Momentum AI for Google Meet

Momentum is a powerful tool to analyze your calls and better work your deals. If you already have a call recording tool or use video conferencing software like Google Meet, the setup is easy!

By integrating with Google Meet, Momentum enables sharing recorded meetings from Google Meet to Momentum AI. This streamlines the process of recording meetings in Google Meet and accessing them in Momentum.

Beneath, we'll walk through authentication for AI  users and for Google admins

Momentum AI  Admins

Google Meet Transcription

  • Transcription and recording for Google Meet must be enabled at the organization level, click here for instructions.
  • Verify that a Google Doc transcript is automatically attached to the Google Calendar event within 24 hours of the meeting ending

once enabled properly, the contents of the document will look like this:

Adding AI License Seats

To add users to the AI license Seats setting in Momentum:

  1. Log in to the Momentum Admin: Visit the Momentum admin page and log in with your credentials
  2. In the Team section, filter to a specific user
  3. Click Edit  Settings and check the AI License Checkbox

Momentum AI  Users

There are three quick steps Momentum  AI users need to take in order to enable call summaries with Momentum: Google Calendar authentication, Google Docs authentication, and enabling the Momentum Chrome extension.

Google Calendar Authentication

This can be done using the /configure-integration command anywhere in Slack. This user’s Google Calendar integration will be used to read meeting data from calendars

Using this command will open a pop up in Slack. Authorize both Google Docs and Google Calendar by using the “Authorize” buttons and following the prompts.

Once completed, confirm that the dots have turn green.

When authenticating with Google Calendar, be sure that the box that allows Momentum to see, edit, and share. This allows Momentum to accurately record calls and call participant information

Google Docs Authentication

The Google Doc integration will be used to fetch transcript data from transcript folders on Google Drive. Follow the steps below to authenticate.

Using the slash command '/configure-integrations' in Slack, click Authorize on Google Docs

Next, be sure to check box to grant access to see, edit, create and delete Google drive files. This allows Momentum to save transcripts from calls

Google Meet Extension Installation

Lastly, to ensure that meeting recordings are captured consistently, Momentum provides a Google Chrome extension to enable automatic call recording. To add this extension to Chrome, follow this link

Once installed, you'll see the extension inside of your Chrome bar


Momentum's Google Meet Integration requires two systems to communicate, and an error can occur in the event of miscommunication. For assistance troubleshooting Momentum's Google Meet Integration errors, please contact our team via our shared Slack channel or