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Advanced Guide
February 3, 2024

Create a Google Drive file from a template, based on the condition given by the user

When a user-defined condition is met, the workflow is triggered & a copy of the template file is made and placed in the destination folder

Once the workflow is triggered, the following actions take place:

  1. A folder named <Account Name> is automatically created in Google Drive in the base path given by the user.
  2. A copy of the template file is made, which is named <accountName + templateFileName> & placed in the folder created
  3. The link to the file is captured in a Salesforce field (Optional step)
  4. The deal room, if exists, is notified of the update along with the link to the file created.
  • Salesforce field to capture the Google Drive folder link. ( This is an optional step) If no field is selected at the time of the creation of this workflow, no update is done in Salesforce.
  • Google Docs Authentication
To set up this workflow:

Once the setup given above is done,

  1. Go to the Momentum web app. You can navigate to Momentum home from your Slack workspace like so:
  2. From the list of apps in your Slack workspace, click on ‘Momentum’ to view the Momentum app home
  1. Next, click on "Library of Recipes" on the left
  1. You will find a list of available recipes here. Select the recipe titled "Create a file from a template in Google Drive whenever a condition set up by the user is satisfied"
  2. Enter the details shown in the recipe.

A quick look at what the fields above imply:

Although, the fields given are self-explanatory, here are a few additional details if required.



Name & description

The name & description fields here imply the name & description of a workflow. Because several workflows can be created out of a recipe, giving a meaningful name, although not mandatory, should be preferred over the default names. Giving a meaningful name will help the users understand the purpose of each workflow.

Setup the condition when you want to trigger the workflow

A user can set up a condition based on a Sales object here. In this case, the salesforce object used is Opportunity.

If your condition requires that you capture any change in the Salesforce opportunity fields, check the “Changed?” field.

When you select the field which is required for your condition, you will see a list of operators which is applicable to the field type.

So what you will essentially be doing here is selecting 3 values that is :



Which could translate to something of this sort


greater than




greater than

Enter the template File ID

The template file’s ID can be fetched from the Google docs URL for the file

Source file path to locate your template file.

The folder path where your template exists

Destination file path where you want your created file placed

Destination file path. This is where your newly created file will be placed once the workflow is triggered.

Salesforce field that captures the Google Drive folder link(Optional)

This is an optional field, if you want to record the file link in a Salesforce field, you can select the field from this dropdown.

An example use case:

Assume that whenever any opportunity reaches the ‘Perception Analysis’ stage & the amount is greater than 50,000, you will need a new document created from the file called template,


Create a file using ‘Template’ whenever an opportunity reaches POC

Setup the condition when you want to trigger the workflow

Find the screenshot above to view the conditions added.

Enter the template File ID


Source file path to locate your template file.


Destination file path where you want your created file placed


Salesforce field that captures the Google Drive folder link(Optional)

Salesforce field name which captures the file link

5. Click on “Create Workflow” & your workflow is all set to use! 🙂

Once this workflow is set, every time an opportunity moves to a certain stage, a Google Drive folder is created in the path <destination-folder-path-given/opportunity-account-name>, if the folder does not exist; The created file link is set to the Salesforce field given; An update is sent to the Slack deal room, from which, you can directly view the file;

You can activate or deactivate your workflow anytime using the “active” switch in Momentum home.