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Call Summaries
March 3, 2024

Call Summaries

A Guide to Creating Your First Call Summary

AI-Powered Summarization and Insights

After each call, Call Summaries leverages AI to provide a concise, easily digestible summary of the conversation directly into your Slack workspace. This summary not only captures the essence of the call but also highlights key points, decisions made, and action items, ensuring that teams can quickly align on next steps without having to sift through hours of recordings.

Automation from Intelligence

Call Summaries don't just stop at recapping conversations; they provide a suite of tools to drastically boost rep efficiency. Automate task creation, CRM updates, follow-up emails, and more. This guide will walk through how to create your first call summary in three easy steps

1. Customize Your Conditions

Take the reigns of a fully customizable set of summary conditions. Configure your criteria based on meeting information or CRM fields. These can be as simple or complex as you need to effortless share calls with the key audience, while avoiding noise from irrelevant calls.

2. Include AI Tools and Time Savers

Our call summary wizard offers a host of options to provide tools to reps to save time. Decide which ones to include with your Slack delivered call summary.
There are three options available for write behavior:

  • Additional Summary Prompts- Include your own questions for AI to run and include alongside every summary
  • Action Items - Captures suggestions from AI to create Salesforce Tasks on the CRM object
  • Autopilot - Include autopilot field extractions defined in the Autopilot wizard
  • Email Reply - Include an AI drafted email for reps to review and send with the click of a button
  • Insight Automation - Trigger advanced workflows from AI detected answers

3. Distribute Call Intelligence Across Teams

With Call Summaries, sharing key insights from customer calls across your organization is simple and powerful. Summaries and AI add ons are directly distributed into designated Slack channels, ensuring that every team member stays informed. This facilitates better collaboration, quicker decision-making, and a more cohesive approach to customer management.

At the bottom of the wizard, select one or multiple destinations for your call summary.

Destinations are highly dynamic and can be sent to Direct Messages, Salesforce Users, Group DMs, Public Channels, Private Chanels, Deal Rooms, or Account Rooms. Multiple destinations and conditions are supported.

✅ You've just configured your first Call Summary