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AI Signals
March 3, 2024

AI Signals

A Guide to Creating Your First AI Signal

Distribute Sales Intelligence in Real-time

AI Signals leverages your team's sales and customer calls to distribute information to your organization automatically. Increase pipeline visability, learn about churn signs as they develop, and alert product teams of product feedback when it's encountered.

Send actionable information to each key stakeholder

Signals listens to conversations for key topics you define and send to your team as your conditions are met. Creating your first signal takes three easy steps.

1. Set Your Signal Prompt and Condition

A signal will send when the prompt condition is met for the appropriately filtered CRM records. Use this to listen for conversation topics that would require action from your teams. As with all Momentum tools, you have full flexability to filter only to CRM records and meetings for your exact use case.

2. Customize Your Message

Message building in Momentum is easy and powerful. You have full access to rich text tools such as bolding, emojis, and embedded links. Use merge fields or dynamic mentioning to include information about the Signal directly in the message body, while mentioning and tagging the users related to the CRM record.

As with other notification based tools in Momentum, you have full access to Salesforce fields to include at the bottom of the message, along with threaded messaging and GIF collections.

Next, decide what additional information the AI should look to present as part of the message. Think of this as asking Momentum a question in advance of the call. In the case of a forecast risk signal, we'll set a questions around what urgency tactic our sales rep used to negotiate back to the expected signing date.

3. Set the Signal Destination

Lastly, select one or multiple destinations for your call summary.

Destinations are highly dynamic and can be sent to Direct Messages, Salesforce Users, Group DMs, Public Channels, Private Chanels, Deal Rooms, or Account Rooms. Multiple destinations and conditions are supported.

✅ You've just configured your first Signal