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Momentum Installation
April 17, 2024

Momentum Installation

Empower Your Sales Team with’s AI Assistant on Slack!

Solving Your Sales Challenges

Managing sales activities within Slack can be cluttered and inefficient. integrates seamlessly with Slack to automate and enhance your sales processes, making them more organized and effective.

How Works

  1. Add to Slack: Simply add to your Slack with the click of a button.
  2. Configure: Configure your sales processes and sales call data extractions through our intuitive admin panel.
  3. Automate and Grow: Watch as automates routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on closing more deals.

Disclaimer: As an AI-driven app, might occasionally generate responses that require user verification for accuracy.

Step 1: Install Momentum in Slack

Click the "Add to Slack" button in the following link to install Momentum in your Slack workspace. Follow the onscreen instructions to get set up quickly.

Install Momentum in Slack

Step 2: Authorize Salesforce from Slack

You'll see a confirmation screen in our Slack app once is successfully installed. Start by configuring your CRM using our setup wizard! Go to the Momentum App in Slack (Cmd + K → Momentum) and click the Home tab at the top:

Next, click the Authorize button:

✅ That's it for Slack + Salesforce!

You'll see a confirmation screen once is successfully installed and will receive an email in your inbox to set your account in your own Momentum admin instance!

If plan on usingMomentum AI, you'll want to give Momentum access to your sales and customer success team calls. Momentum can integrate into established Conversational Intelligence tools like Gong, or Clari Copilot, as well as Zoom or Google Meet if you don't have a CI product in place:

Momentum AI + Zoom
Momentum AI + Google Meet
Momentum AI + Gong
Momentum AI + Clari Co-Pilot
Momentum AI + Salesloft

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