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“By 2025, 75% of B2B sales organizations will augment traditional sales playbooks with artificial intelligence (AI) guided selling solutions.”

Elevating sales efficiency and personalization
CRMs, virtual meetings, and a proliferation of SaaS tools have revolutionized B2B sales—but they’ve also created a new set of problems. Reps are struggling under a growing mountain of admin tasks and it’s a challenge to find and act on the right customer insights at the right time.
Using AI, sales teams can finally unlock the full potential of their tech stack to streamline and personalize sales motions, gaining unprecedented efficiency while connecting more genuinely with customers than ever before.
How AI can transform your pipeline
Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Instantly summarize sales calls and capture key details
  • Sync data to your CRM in real time
Streamline and personalize sales motions
  • Automatically trigger smart deal workflows 
  • Instantly capture and share customer insights to act on
Improve data input and accuracy in Salesforce
  • Keep your CRM data always up to date automatically
  • Standardize CRM inputs to make data more actionable
Optimize rep performance with coaching at scale
  • Catch behaviors as they happen and reinforce in the moment
  • Use customized prompts to identify and format high-quality CRM inputs
Share important insights real-time
  • Instantly capture and share insights and data around competition, product feedback, churn risk, and more
  • Send insights the moment they happen for your team to take action
"Momentum has genuinely streamlined the way we tackle sales and customer success at our company. It's like having an extra set of hands on deck. The AI-driven insights and warning system for churn risks have been invaluable, allowing us to be proactive in our approach."
Basile Senesi
CRO @ Arc
Explore Momentum’s AI Capabilities
AI Summaries
Get a well-crafted note after every call and automatically turn it into CRM data and insights automatically
MEDDIC Autopilot
Capture MEDDIC and custom fields from sales call summaries and instantly sync them to Salesforce
Spotless Emails
Send highly-contextual AI-generated follow-up emails that capture your sentiment while saving time and effort
AI Signals
Send call insights like product feedback, churn, or competition to stakeholders at the right moment
Ask Momentum
Get answers to specific deal questions in seconds and push answers to Salesforce automatically
Unlock hidden insights from past calls without time-consuming manual work and fill in your Salesforce
Momentum Blog
Learn how AI is revolutionizing B2B sales by enhancing lead qualification, personalizing sales interactions, and optimizing data hygiene and forecasting.

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