A real-time view of team performance and pipeline health

Momentum captures and delivers insights that enable you to guide reps throughout the sales cycle, boosting win rates and forecasting accuracy.

“Maybe the outcome of a rep’s month changes because you can intercede earlier. Momentum allows you to be proactive. You can do micro-coaching sessions that prevent issues throughout the month, rather than hoping you’ll catch issues during a big call review at the end of the month.”
​​Steve Dinner
RevOps at Owner.com
Act immediately on coaching opportunities
Momentum’s AI Summaries identify and deliver real-time call insights that allow you to quickly pinpoint tailored coaching moments and guide reps effectively, bridging skill gaps and creating opportunities for growth.
Train reps on real call data
The Ask Momentum bot in Slack makes it quick and easy to create custom call frameworks based on past conversations that can be used for training new reps in any sales methodology, optimizing the onboarding process.
Steer pipeline progress in real time 
Use AI Signals to automatically surface specific call insights to stakeholders via Slack DMs or channels, enabling them to take swift action and provide their expertise to help reps close deals.
Make highly confident forecasts
Full visibility into your pipeline maximizes your ability to guide reps and deals to success, enabling you to better predict and meet revenue goals. 
Invest in your reps to accelerate sales success
Better discovery calls
Identify common pitfalls in discovery calls and use those insights to resolve issues at a strategic level, resulting in improved team skills, stronger customer relationships, and more closed deals.
More personalized coaching
Refine your reps' abilities to understand and address customer needs and effectively position your product through personalized coaching informed by real-time call insights.
Standardized best practices 
Set a standard of quality for your team by ensuring reps actively apply the sales playbooks they’ve been trained on, maintaining consistent adherence to best practices across your sales organization.

High-performing revenue teams use Momentum

Culture Amp
Momentum let's Owner.com focus on selling, not Salesforce admin
Owner.com turns to Momentum for automated workflows, AI for sales, and its deep integration with Salesforce and Slack. Using Momentum, Owner.com can now streamline collaboration across teams and fast track approvals.
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Steve Dinner
Head of RevOps
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