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Deal Rooms and Account Rooms
March 6, 2024

Deal Rooms and Account Rooms

A Guide to Creating Your First Deal Room

Centralize Opportunity Efforts and Win More Deals

Deal Rooms are your customizable Slack space created with the express purpose of providing the sales enablement needed to close opportunities. Reduce Slack fatigue, keep deals from growing stale, and maximize enablement. Deal Rooms enhance your sales motion by giving you full control over every stage of your opportunity.

Creating your first Deal Room

First, Deal Rooms can be automatically created by setting criteria. For instance, every time an opportunity is moved to stage 2 and the opportunity amount is above 50000, Momentum can be set to automatically create channels with the champions needed to close the deal

Deal Rooms can also be created directly from Slack by the users who own them. Find the Momentum user in your Slack search bar, once you open Momentum, you'll see your deals and be able to start a Deal Room for any of them. Find a strategic deal you care about and hit the Start Deal Room button.

Congrats, you should now have a brand new Deal Room. Deal Rooms look like this:

💡 Note: if the opportunity you chose has an owner in Salesforce other than you, both you and the owner will automatically be invited to the new Deal Room channel.

Manage your opportunity

You can always click the Update Deal button from the top message of your Deal Room, By clicking Update Deal, you'll be able to update your opportunity fields in Salesforce like the stage, close date, amount, or next step. Say goodbye to having to re-login to Salesforce for the 16th time today:

💡 Notice: the top message in your Deal Room is always kept up-to-date as the deal details change. You can come to the top of the channel to find it, or look for the pinned section in your Slack channel details.

👉 Tip: Find the top message by looking at the "Pinned messages" for your Deal Room slack channel

Automatically capture files and highlights in Salesforce

Capture files and images in Salesforce

Momentum automatically uploads files or images from the channel to the Salesforce opportunity. Momentum will react with a 💾 :floppy_disk: to let you know the file or image has been captured.

Capture message highlights as Chatter comments

Slack channels can get noisy, especially when a deal is moving fast and there are lots of stakeholders. To keep track of important messages, Momentum introduces the concept of "highlights". React to important messages with the ☝️ :point_up: emoji to store the highlight in Salesforce as a Chatter comment. Momentum will confirm the message has been captured with its own ✅ :white_check_mark: reaction. You can have as many highlights as you like.

💡 You can find all files and highlights in Salesforce as attachments and Chatter comments.

👯‍♀️ Invite your teammates

Now it's time to get some deal momentum going (see what we did there?). Invite your teammates, stay on top of your deals, and blow your quota out of the water. Deal Rooms can be configured to invite users dynamically based on any record update. Bring in legal as the opportunity is closing, or auto-invite your solutions engineer when technical assessment is required.

💡 Pro Tip: most Momentum tasks have "slash commands"

To type a slash command, type: /momentum-

✅ You've just configured your first Deal Room