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How to use advanced options in notifications builder
March 3, 2024

How to use advanced options in notifications builder

  1. From your Momentum app, go to Notifications
  2. From the Notifications page, click New Notification
  3. Add a name for your Notification
  4. Select trigger type to Opportunity Updated
  5. In the condition requirements box, check the box changed?
  6. Select field as Stage
  7. Select operator as Includes
  8. Select the value as Closed Lost and click Next
  9. Add any message that you want to show with the notification along with fields like Amount, Account name, etc. (one field is necessary to move on to the next step)
  10. Click on Advanced Options from the editor

  1. Select the format you want to show your notification in, choose if you want to show who created the notification, link to the notification and check if you want ignore duplicates
  2. Select the Channel
  3. Click on Create

Well done! 🎉 You are now able to change how the notification looks in Momentum when it's sent.