Work smarter across the entire sales cycle

Momentum listens and captures MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, BANT and other Salesforce fields after calls using AI and automation. Save your reps hours of admin work every single week.

"Momentum is like having a forward-thinking sidekick that notches up both workflow execution and automation. The real-time insights and AI-driven nudges have made a tangible difference in how I handle sales and customer success."
Michael Wilde
Enterprise AE @ Honeycomb
AI Workflows
Work your pipeline at the speed of AI
Accelerate routine tasks with AI Summaries that immediately translate customer call and email insights into automatic Salesforce field updates and Slack notifications, and send context-rich, AI-generated Spotless Follow-ups that eliminate 90% of email writing time.
Never miss a detail with Alerts, Signals, and Notifications
Stay on top of deals and drive cross-functional collaboration with real-time Slack alerts. Watch as the right actions and customer insights get delivered to the right stakeholders, sparking quicker responses and decisions and accelerating your deals to the finish line.
Deal + Account Rooms
Connect all the dots in Slack Deal + Account Rooms
Bring your teams together and keep deals updated effortlessly right in Slack. Automatically invite key stakeholders, capture and share critical CRM updates and pipeline insights, and facilitate seamless post-sales handoffs to your customer success team.
Automations that superpower revenue teams
Stronger sales reps
Use prebuilt or custom workflows to automatically provide reps with the next steps, tools, and customer insights they need to navigate the entire sales journey with confidence.
Better collaboration and visibility
Auto-share real-time deal and customer updates directly to the right people and teams in Slack, keeping everyone informed, engaged, and on task.
More time to sell
Get up to 10 hours of rep time back every week by automating time-consuming tasks like CRM updates, email follow-ups, and approval requests.

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Honeycomb closes deals fast and streamlines with Momentum
Honeycomb’s sales team needed a way to move complex deals forward with as few hiccups as possible. Here’s how Momentum helped their team to streamline their workflow across multiple platforms.
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Michael Wilde
Enterprise Account Executive
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