Revenue Intelligence Delivered Across Your GTM Teams

Momentum AI Signals lets you send specific insights from calls - such as product feedback, churn or competition - the moment it is mentioned. Empower your team to take immediate action and improve your sales cycle time, product experience and win rates.

Using AI prompts and automation, Momentum makes it incredibly easy to extract key insights from calls that can be sent via a Slack message to the relevant teams across your company.

Don't bombard your team with useless tracker information. Send over real qualitative data from the calls you care about and for the deals that truly matter using our simple condition builder.

Your team lives in Slack. Don't make them search for call insights. Send specific information to the right team member the moment the call finishes so they can be informed and take action.

Start with automations. Add on AI for Sales. Transform your revenue process.

Data Insights

Keep opportunities updated in Salesforce with CRM suggestions based on call details

Calendar Schedule

Sync with Google calendar to capture notes for every single call without any extra effort

Tasks and Next Steps

Add tasks and next steps to your opportunities automatically  

Smart Connectivity

Share your calls across Slack and Salesforce, and connect tasks to other tools like Asana

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