Share customer insights with your GTM teams

AI Signals sends insights from calls — like product feedback, churn risk, and competition — the moment it’s mentioned, so your team can take action to improve sales cycle time, product experience, and win rates.

“Other vendors weren’t capturing the true sentiment and content of our calls. Momentum was able to capture that right off the bat.”
João Dias
Senior Manager, RevOps @ YipitData
Auto-deliver insights to multiple teams right where they work
Create as many Signals as needed to keep cross-functional teams informed. Using AI prompts and automation, Momentum instantly extracts the key customer call insights stakeholders want to see and delivers them via Slack DM or channel.
Match Signals to deal conditions to share only relevant details
Don't bombard your teams with unnecessary information. Use our simple condition builder to identify and share high-value qualitative data from the calls and deals your teams actually care about.
Inform your product roadmap and marketing efforts
Easily create Signals that listen for key insights on product feedback, feature requests, competitors, and marketing campaigns and auto-share them directly in Slack.
How top revenue teams use Momentum
AI Efficiency
Immediately extract and act on key insights
Supercharge productivity and never miss a step
CRM Hygiene
10x data hygiene for more accurate decision-making
Coach at scale to boost rep performance

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