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Getting Started with Momentum AI
April 3, 2024

Getting Started with Momentum AI

How to leverage Momentum to capture call notes, update Salesforce, automate email follow-ups, and live query conversations for details

Actionable Intelligence Delivered

Momentum AI is designed specifically to mobilize your sales and customer conversations to automate your CRM and follow-up tasks so that you can spend more time effectively selling and building customer relationships. This guide will cover the major tools provided as part of Call Summaries and how to use them effectively.

Call Summaries

After each sales call your team hosts, Momentum will create a summary of the conversation. This summary will appear first in Slack. You’ll notice displayed at the top information about the call, its participants, and relevant Salesforce records.This summary is finely tuned to look for key insights like discovery questions, technical details, and value propositions. Key phrases to focus the model can be supplied for each organization. Each summary is automatically or manually saved to the corresponding Opportunity or Account Record as a note. With each call summary delivered, you’ll find a suite of tools to aid reps.

Autopilot CRM Field Extractions

Use autopilot to fill in the gaps in reporting and enhance pipeline visibility with minimal input from reps. This guide will walk through how to create your first call summary in four quick steps. Momentum will read the Salesforce field you're selecting and generate a prompt based on this field. Momentum will pick up on formatting such as field length or field type, ensuring usable data will be sent to back to your CRM after each extraction. Organizations will configure these fields in advance for reps, so all that is needed is to review and sync the fields after the call.

Automatic Email Follow-ups

Spotless is the complete automation of your call follow-ups. Each conversation will automatically draft an email populated with context from the conversation, pre-addressed to the appropriate prospects. Click Open Draft to Send, to open this draft in gmail, ready for edits and sending.

Review and send follow-ups in seconds

Ask Momentum

Think of Ask Momentum as a casual query into your conversation. Ask questions about quantitative details, such as the size of the prospect’s team. Ask qualitative questions, such has customer satisfaction scores or coaching tips.

Use the full power of AI to automate any task, such as generating a winning account plan to keep a deal moving forward.

Use Ask Momentum to automate closing deals and deepening customer relationships

Reach out to your orgs enablement team or the the Momentum team for personalized recommendations for how to get the most out of your Momentum AI configuration