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Getting Started FAQ
April 8, 2024

Getting Started FAQ

A quick overview of frequently asked questions when getting started with Momentum AI and Call Summaries

What is a call summary?

A focused review of your conversations. Momentum will find the relevant CRM record and enrich the summary with data points specifically related to the participants in the call.

How does the AI work?

After a conversation is recorded, Momentum will receive a transcript of the call. From this, our AI processing embeds enriched context to create focused summarization and AI responses most suitable for your business specific tasks, such as drafting emails and updating your CRM.

Which calls will be recorded?

This will be determined by your organization’s recording tool. In most cases, Momentum only receives transcripts provided by cloud recording tools.
*If using Momentum’s bot recorder (Bot-participant based recording), then Momentum is responsible for recording that meeting’s transcript. This bot will only record if admitted to the meeting and participants consent to being recorded

Which calls will be summarized?

Momentum will only record calls where an external participant is on the meeting with an Momentum AI licensed user.
Beyond this, additional rules will be set by your admin. Typically, this will involve relating the summary to a CRM record with rules associated. An example would be to summarize conversations with an Opportunity amount greater than $10,000 and the Opportunity Region is EMEA.

What is included with a call summary?

Call summaries can be configured to contain many tools in the threaded messages. Smart task assignment, Autopilot for CRM updates, Spotless for email drafting are all available to add-in. Additionally, Ask Momentum is always available on call summaries.

What is Ask Momentum?

Focused queries into your conversations. Momentum will answer any questions where the answer is clearly found within the transcript.

What types of questions can I Ask Momentum?

Use Ask Momentum to perform any LLM task. Don't limit yourself to just asking about call details; use Momentum to elevate your deal cycle

What is Autopilot?

CRM field extractions from your call. Highly customizable topic recognition. Automatically sync or review in Slack and sync after each conversation

What is Spotless?

Pre-drafted, highly contextual email follow-up. Click Open Draft to Send to pre-address in gmail. Edit and send within seconds.

Where will I get my Call Summary Notification?

Anywhere in Slack. Routing is configured by the Momentum admin. If the message is set to send as a Direct Message in Slack, you’ll find them delivered in the Messages tab of the Momentum Slack app

Check this tab for any call summaries sent as DMs

What if I don’t want a call to be recorded?

Stopping the recording of any conversation will prevent Momentum from receiving a transcript for a conversation.

What languages does Momentum support?

This is based on the transcript provider. Momentum has options to receive transcripts from over 100 languages and typically has worked with your admin to find the most suitable language solution with your team in mind. Summary notes and Autopilot CRM extractions are saved in English.

When will I get my call summary notification?

Shortly after Momentum receives a transcript. This can vary based on the transcript provider, but typically within 90 minutes of the call ending for calls less than 60 minutes in length.