Extract and sync key insights from every call - automatically and at scale

Capture and activate customer CRM data, insights, and signals in a fraction of the time with Momentum’s powerful built-in AI features for revenue teams

"The AI call stuff—I mean, anyone who uses it—just blows them away. It's truly remarkable! The time it saves our reps is insane. They can now focus on other critical tasks while relying on the high-quality output generated by Momentum. The best part is that the AI output requires minimal edits, making it even more efficient and reliable."
Alex Carstens
Director of Revenue Operations at Chowly
Get every important call insight in minutes
No need to rewatch calls or scroll through transcripts. Momentum’s powerful AI immediately generates easy-to-scan, sharable summaries of every sales call, identifies key insights, and automatically sends everything to the right channels in Slack.
Put MEDDIC updates on autopilot
Use MEDDIC Autopilot to create smart prompts based on your MEDDIC and custom Salesforce fields that capture relevant details from sales call summaries and turn them into instant updates. Ask Momentum to push updates directly to Salesforce or let reps review before sending with just a click.
Move deals forward with perfect follow-up emails
As soon as calls wrap up, generate AI-powered Spotless Follow-ups — personal, contextual emails citing all key topics discussed. Create meaningful interactions and save 90% of the time and effort usually spent on email writing.
Share insights with the right stakeholders, right away
Set up AI Signals to deliver valuable details from calls — like product feedback, churn risk, or competition intel — directly to relevant stakeholders in Slack as soon as they happen, so teams can act fast to improve sales cycle time, product experience, and marketing efforts.
The smart way to speed up your pipeline
Shorter sales cycles
Close deals sooner with AI-powered Salesforce updates, follow-up emails, and deal insights that give reps the time and data they need to turn prospects into customers.
Instant CRM hygiene
Sync AI-extracted customer call and email details to your CRM in real time so sales workflows, decisions, and forecasts are always based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data.
Faster feedback
Deliver valuable customer insights to stakeholders across sales, customer success, product, and marketing as soon as they’re captured.

You're in good company....

Culture Amp
Chowly improves internal efficiency and drive collaboration using AI and automation
After discovering Momentum, Chowly quickly recognized its potential to fundamentally transform the way they operate. Momentum provided an automation playground that empowered Chowly to build quick notifications, leverage AI, and integrate custom solutions tailored to their unique needs.
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Alex Carstens
Head of RevOps
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