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How to write good prompts for Momentum AI Data Insights
March 3, 2024

How to write good prompts for Momentum AI Data Insights

Learn how to write advanced prompts to teach Momentum AI how to manage your CRM Fields

One of Momentum AI's most interesting superpowers is its ability to extract quantitative insights from sales activities like calls and emails. By reading every single word said and written, Momentum will be able to surface key data points, trends, customer needs and more. To ensure that Momentum AI can provide the most accurate insights for your business, it’s important to create clear, well-written prompts when setting up your data-tracking questions.

As an example: if one of your customers in a call says:

"I don't think I'd be able to buy this product by myself right now. These days you need senior leadership to drive any new expense"

Momentum AI will be able to surface this learning right inside your CRM by setting your Authority field to "Needs Senior Leadership."

Of course, this is just an example, and in the real world, we know that every single organization's Salesforce field structure is unique. Momentum Data Insights provides your business a mechanism to define every insight you care about extracting and how to capture that into fields in the CRM.

Enter: Data Insights Prompts

Data Insights Prompts are plain-language questions that Momentum AI will match against customer or prospect data to accurately surface insights. Some examples of starter prompts include:

• What is the authority/decision maker on this sale?

• Does the customer understand the value of our product?

• Is there an internal timeline to procure our product?

• What is the customer’s budget for this purchase?

These are already great prompts, that AI will undersatnd do a reasonable job handling. One key piece to understand is: Customers don't have to say the exact words included in your prompt, for Momentum AI to detect an insight. Through the magic of Generative AI, smart insights can be gathered from the nuance of conversation.

As you create prompts, write naturally and expect AI to understand sophisticated concepts like "economic buyer", or "procurement motions". This means you can focus on refining the prompt to be as effective as possible to extract the result you're looking for.

Writing Advanced Prompts

Once your basic prompts are yielding good results, it's time to take them further. Here are the most common considerations:

  • Field type your insights will go to (picklists, multi-picklists)
  • Addressing common typos that transcripts may include
  • Limiting character counts to the length allowed in different fields

Field type your insights will go to (picklists, multi-picklists)

The field type determines how many choices are available for Momentum to pick a value, so make sure you review and accommodate special constraining field types in your prompt. For example: If a picklist field only accepts three options: Low, Medium and High; your prompt could be written as follows:

What does the prospect's budget look like compared to “Low”, “Medium” or “High” values?

For a multi-picklist field (the semicolon section is important):

Which products from this list did the customer mention using or pondering to solve their current needs: Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook? (notice that the transcript may have typos). If other competitor is mentioned list it as Others. Do not add as part of the response any competitor that is not present in the list. If multiple competitors are mentioned, list them separated by a semicolon (not any other symbol).

Addressing common typos that transcripts may include

If you're working with fields that expect company names, or acronyms, you may find that these get improperly captured in your transcripts. Momentum AI can work through these as well! To work around these, you can add a mention of spelling or acronyms to the prompt:

Which call recording tool is the customer currently using? Common answers are: Gong, Zoom, Wingman, Avoma, or Chorus (the transcript may have typos).

Limiting character counts to the length allowed in different fields

Your prompts should also be limited to match the length restrictions in your salesforce fields. Here's a quick example of that:

What did the prospect say about their authority inside their own company to drive the procurement of a new product in less than 255 characters?

Data Insight Prompts are a powerful tool to help you extract meaningful insights from customer conversations. By leveraging plain language questions and Generative AI, Momentum AI can accurately surface key data points, trends, customer needs and more that will allow your business to make informed decisions on how best to move forward. With the right prompts set up in place, Momentum AI is sure to provide accurate and timely insights into every single conversation conducted by your sales team. If you have any issues writing Data Insight Prompts or need more guidance using Momentum AI for tracking quantitative insights, don't hesitate to reach out at!