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Momentum Glossary
March 6, 2024

Momentum Glossary

Here are some terms used across the site and application:

Deal Room: A Slack channel that is connected directly to a Salesforce Opportunity

Workflow: An automated process that Momentum will run for you at the right time as part of your Sales motions

Recipe: A pre-assembled workflow that you can copy into your own list of Workflows to quickly get started with automating a specific process

Playbook: Momentum can help you standardize your Sales motions by delivering queues and tips into the Deal Room when a deal enters a specific Opportunity Stage

In the world of Momentum Workflows, here are some of the key terms:

Trigger: An event or moment in time for a specific workflow to start

Step: Workflows are built of 1 or many steps. Each step is meant to do part of the intended workflow

Step Type: Types define what a specific step will do (e.g. send a message in slack, update a salesforce field)

Routes: Routes define the order of execution between steps. These allow you to build parallel or sequential steps, as well as iteration

Args: Arguments given to a specific step to refine how that step executes and what it does

Conditions: Through conditions, we can change routes, execute or skip a specific step

Deal Assist: Built on top of workflows, Deal Assist is meant to accomplish certain motions that are relevant specifically to Opportunities, usually triggered by hand by the team members behind a deal.