Send Perfectly Crafted Emails After Every Single Call

Momentum automatically generates AI powered follow-up based on your conversations with prospects or customers. Create highly contextual, meaningful interactions while saving 90% of your time and effort on email writing.

As soon as your call wraps up, Momentum writes an email for you based on key topics discussed on the call for you to review, edit (if needed!) and send.

Momentum reviews your immediate call and previous ones to pull out relevant and personalized insights without any extra work on your end.

No need to learn a new product to get value. Momentum meets you where you are. AI writes your emails for you, and delivers them via simple messages ready to be sent with the click of a button. Emojis 👉🏼 Engaged!

Powered by OpenAI, Momentum brings instant visibility and actionable insights to all your calls

Data Insights

Keep opportunities updated in Salesforce with CRM suggestions based on call details

Calendar Schedule

Sync with Google calendar to capture notes for every single call without any extra effort

Tasks and Next Steps

Add tasks and next steps to your opportunities automatically  

Smart Connectivity

Share your calls across Slack and Salesforce, and connect tasks to other tools like Asana

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