Send the perfect email after every call

Momentum generates AI-powered follow-up emails based on your conversations with customers. Create highly contextual, meaningful interactions, while saving 90% of your time and effort on email writing.

“You’re trying to get reps to use a consistent process, to do the right things at the right time, which is a huge challenge. Momentum gives you a lot more confidence that reps have the tools they need to spend their time in the right places, doing the right things. It’s a visibility mechanism”
Steve Dinner
Head of RevOps
Send the right email moments after your call
After your call, Momentum generates an email for you to review and send based on the key topics discussed during the call. It auto-populates attendees' email and opens directly in Gmail for easy sending.
Save up to 10 hours/week time writing emails 
Momentum reviews all your calls — present and past — and pulls out the relevant context and insights to write highly personalized follow-up emails without any extra work on your end.
Get your emails delivered in Slack to then send in Gmail
Momentum always meets you where you are. Your perfect follow-up email will be written and shown to you for any edits right in Slack, and can be sent with the click of a button via Gmail.
How top revenue teams use Momentum
AI Efficiency
Immediately extract and act on key insights
Supercharge productivity and never miss a step
CRM Hygiene
10x data hygiene for more accurate decision-making
Coach at scale to boost rep performance

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