Give your CSM team the automations to succeed

Help CSMs optimize every customer success touchpoint with real-time insights from customer calls, automated workflows, and instant Salesforce updates.
Focus on creating exceptional
customer experiences
Seamless handoffs with shared Account Rooms
Easily manage post-sales handoffs with shared access to key deal history, playbooks, and resources in Slack that streamline onboarding, build strong customer relationships, and drive renewals.
Stronger customer data with AI Summaries
Use AI-powered summaries to extract insights from calls and sync updates to your CRM automatically, streamlining admin and ensuring always-accurate data that drives successful customer experiences, renewals, and upsells.
Faster time to close with Approvals
Set up automated approval workflows that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CPQ, Zendesk, Clari, and Gainsight, enabling you to accelerate renewals, streamline decision-making, and keep approvals auditable. 
Immediate insights with AI Signals
Auto-share insights like product feedback, churn alerts, and competitive intelligence from customer calls with cross-functional teams to foster collaboration, drive product strategy, and enable proactive responses to customer needs.

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Culture Amp
Momentum helps Chowly identify churn risk and upsells automatically
Momentum's AI and automation capabilities have streamlined processes across sales, billing, and support, saving valuable time and increasing collaboration across teams.
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Alex Carstens
Head of Revops
Regular teams
Before Momentum
😰 Inefficient collaboration with Sales delays account handoffs and growth opportunities
😰 Poor visibility limits ability to resolve issues and tailor support
😰 Manual renewal tasks result in data errors, impacting contract accuracy and tracking
😰 Lack of real-time customer insights makes it difficult to  identify growth potential
After Momentum
😌 Automated post-sales workflows streamline onboarding
😌 Smart notifications in Slack drive proactive issue resolution and personalized support
😌 Automatic CRM updates improve data hygiene, save time, and strengthen customer history
😌 Automatic CRM updates improve data hygiene, save time, and strengthen customer history
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Learn how AI is revolutionizing B2B sales by enhancing lead qualification, personalizing sales interactions, and optimizing data hygiene and forecasting.
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