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from the Momentum Team

March 3, 2024


A Guide to Creating Your First Notification

Real-Time Updates for Real-Time Alerting

Operationalize your sales process with Momentum Notifications. Notifications have thousands of applications. Congratulate the team on a deal win, distribute ticketing in Slack, or confirm the need for Account escalation as your CRM is updated. Creating powerful notifications in Momentum takes place with three simple steps.

Step 1: Set Object and Record Criteria

First, you need to specify which Salesforce object and records you want to monitor. This could be any standard or custom object within your Salesforce environment.

  1. Select the Salesforce Object: Choose the object you wish to monitor, such as Contacts, Accounts, or Opportunities. Any object, custom or standard, is supported
  2. Define the Record Criteria: Specify the criteria that a record must meet to trigger a notification. This could be based on changes to a specific field, or a combination of fields reaching certain values. Any non-formula field that can be accessed through a lookup to the root record can be used as criteria.

Step 2: Customize Your Notification

Once you've identified the records to monitor, the next step is customizing how you receive notifications.

  1. Customize the Message: Tailor the notification message to include relevant information. You can leverage details such as the name of the record, the specific change made, and who made the change. Take full advantage of rich text editing, such as bolding, embedded links or emojis.
  2. Include Record Details: Include CRM fields directly into the message or as an add-on at the bottom.
  3. Include Options for Action: Give users the fields they need to update directly from Slack. Define fields with predefined values, or links to the records directly as part of the message

Step 3: Set Your Destination

The final step involves specifying where the notifications should be sent. Notifications can be sent to a variety of locations including Slack channels, DMs, Deal rooms and more. Be sure to take advantage of active user lookup to send to the relevant Salesforce users.

✅ You've just configured your first Notification