Put Salesforce data hygiene on autopilot

Momentum extracts key insights from calls and turns them into CRM fields automatically. 10x your data hygiene instantly and make better decisions faster. 

"Having all of our deals visible in real time as they progress through the sales cycle has been a huge advantage for us. I don't have to scramble with CRM reports anymore, which is such a relief. Plus, the AI-driven call summaries and the automatic MEDDIC updates? They’re just brilliant for staying on top of potential churn risks and spotting upsell opportunities."
Yesenia McCoy
Director of SalesOps, ScyllaDB
Turn every sales call into CRM data 
No more rewatching calls or scrolling through transcripts. Quickly convert sales calls into actionable data with AI Summaries that auto-capture deal insights and send them directly to Slack and Salesforce. Use the Ask Momentum bot in Slack to query call summaries for specific details that can also be pushed to Salesforce in just a few clicks.
Send detailed MEDDIC and MEDDPIC fields straight to Salesforce
Use MEDDIC Autopilot to create smart prompts based on your MEDDIC and custom fields that automatically capture data from sales call summaries and sync it back to Salesforce in real time.
Keep Slack Deal/Account Rooms and Salesforce always in sync
Automatically sync deal updates made in Slack Account Rooms to the right Salesforce opportunity, ensuring account history is always clear, well-documented, and up to date.  
Rewind to past calls and automatically enrich your CRM data with Backfill
Get a comprehensive understanding of your customers with no manual work. Backfill analyzes years of historical interactions and syncs those insights to Salesforce, giving you a 360-degree view into your customer's behavior over time.
Know your customers better than ever before
Make CRM data–based decisions
Use up-to-the-minute insights extracted directly from sales calls, customer emails, and Slack to make agile and strategic decisions, boosting sales confidence, efficiency, and performance.
Build customer loyalty with rich insights
Create connections and nurture ongoing relationships with customers through rich insights that increase reps’ likelihood of closing deals and help CSMs grow long-term customer loyalty.
Catch opportunities to improve pipeline health
Leverage real-time pipeline data and customer history for more accurate forecasting, proactive risk mitigation, and easy identification of coaching needs and opportunities.

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ScyllaDB Increases Rep Productivity by 30% Using Momentum
Before Momentum, tackling CRM reports and getting solid data into the system was a chore for reps and SalesOps alike. Now they've improved data hygiene by 100% and rep productivity by 30%.
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Yesenia McCoy
Director of SalesOps
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