Advice and answers from the Momentum Team

June 29, 2023

Integrating Salesloft with Momentum Automation

Momentum's Salesloft integration

Momentum's Salesloft integration allows its users to create automations that update the people enrolled in Salesloft Cadences and bring Cadence engagement metrics into Slack. If your sales team is not already benefiting from the automations, AI Call Summaries, and Approvals that Momentum provides for its customers, click here to learn more and book a demo.

  1. From any Slack channel, enter /integr and find the option Configure Integrations With Momentum as shown below and hit enter.
  1. This will bring up a dialog window with some of the integrations Momentum supports, Select Authorize for Salesloft
  1. Your browser will open a window prompting you to login to your Salesloft account.
  1. Once you’ve signed into Salesloft, a Momentum page will appear, confirming that you’ve successfully integrated Salesloft into Momentum.

To update Salesloft Cadence Memberships using Momentum Automations, and bring Salesloft Cadence metrics into Slack, please contact us to set up a Momentum trial!