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Momentum Automation's Prevent Duplicates Feature
March 3, 2024

Momentum Automation's Prevent Duplicates Feature

Message Harmony: Building Trust Through Smart Messaging

Prevent Duplicates

The Prevent Duplicates feature in Momentum's notification engine is designed to streamline your messaging experience by avoiding redundancy and maintaining message clarity within Slack. This feature automatically detects and prevents identical messages from being sent within a 60-minute window. By default, Prevent Duplicates is enabled.

How it Works

When you have Prevent Duplicates enabled, Momentum will actively monitor the content of messages you attempt to send to Slack channels or direct messages (DMs). If the system detects that the same message has been sent to the same destination within the past 60 minutes, it will prevent the duplicate message from being sent. This ensures that your recipients receive unique and valuable content without unnecessary repetition.

Key Benefits

Message Clarity: Prevent Duplicates helps keep your Slack conversations clear and concise by avoiding the resend of identical messages.

Improved Efficiency: You can communicate more effectively without worrying about accidentally sending the same message multiple times.

Trust in Your Messaging: By preventing message overload and ensuring your team isn't bombarded with repetitive messages, Momentum's Prevent Duplicates feature helps build and maintain trust in your communication tools and processes.

Managing Prevent Duplicates

If, for any reason, you want to extend the Prevent Duplicates window to check indefinitely for duplicate messages, you can do so in a per-notification basis. Here's how:

  1. Log In: Access your Momentum account.
  2. Navigate to Notifications: Click on "Notifications" in the left sidebar of your dashboard.
  3. Toggle the Feature: In a specific notification, click the Advanced Settings button, you'll find the option to enable Prevent Duplicates to do so indefinitely. Simply toggle it to your preference.
  4. Save Changes: Be sure to save your changes to update your notification settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I wanted to prevent duplicates for more than 60-minutes?
A: Momentum supports changing the preventing to ignore duplicate messages forever. That means that if a single message was sent, and the same message is attempted to be sent even month later, Momentum will skip it.

Q: Can I adjust the 60-minute window for duplicate detection?
A: At this time, the 60-minute window for duplicate message detection is not customizable. It is set as the default to provide an optimal balance between preventing duplicates and allowing legitimate resends if needed.

Q: What happens if I attempt to send a duplicate message?
A: If you try to send an identical message within the 60-minute window, Momentum will block the duplicate message from being sent. You will receive a notification to inform you of the prevention.

Q: How do I find out if a specific message was prevented?
A: In a workflow's execution log, the notification execution will still show up and Momentum will display the Slack message being ignored by Prevent Duplicates feature.


Momentum's Prevent Duplicates feature is designed to enhance your messaging experience in Slack by reducing redundancy and ensuring that your messages remain clear and unique. By default, this feature is enabled, but you have the flexibility to toggle it on or off to suit your preferences.

For any further assistance or questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.