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from the Momentum Team

April 3, 2024


A Guide to Creating Your First Autopilot Extraction

Leverage Momentum AI to Solve Data Hygiene

Autopilot enables highly configurable intelligence extraction pipelines to Salesforce. This guide will walkthrough establishing an Autopilot extraction for CRM fields in MEDDIC or BANT, as well as fields custom to your organization's sales processes.

Autopilot has the capability to work with any field on the Opportunity, Account, or Lead out of the box. Use autopilot to fill in the gaps in reporting and enhance pipeline visibility with minimal input from reps. This guide will walk through how to create your first Autopilot extraction in four quick steps.

1. Select Your Fields and Review the AI Generated Prompt

Momentum will read the field metadata of the field you're selecting and generate a prompt based on this field. Momentum will pick up on formatting such as field length or field type, ensuring usable data will be sent to back to your CRM after each extraction. Picklist fields are fully supported and will map to available values defined in the field.

2. Confirm Write Behavior

There are three options available for write behavior:

  • Write if empty - Only fill in CRM field has no value
  • Confirm to write - Reps can manually sync fields from Momentum's UI or Slack
  • Automatic write - Always write the latest value to the field

Typically, we recommend each new field to be reviewed for effectiveness on confirm to write before turning to automatic write behaviors after a short monitoring period. Some teams prefer to have dedicated fields for AI to write to so as to ensure room for reps to give answers as well as Momentum.

3. Set Your Conditions

Exercise full control over your data ingestion. Configure your criteria based on meeting information or CRM fields. Only include certain stages of your opportunity, or keep some AI fields writing only for enterprise Accounts in EMEA.

4. Configure Response Length and Behavior

Length of paragraph - allows for customizing the length of the response received. This enables support for one word to several hundred word responses.

Append to Previous Value - allows for appending new information in the same field as old data. This feature is great for viewing a timeline of progression.

These options will only apply to text area fields and won't be relevant for date or picklist CRM fields.

✅ You've just configured your first Autopilot extraction