Help your whole team sell smarter

Momentum automates admin work, streamlines workflows, and captures valuable customer insights to help you maximize rep and pipeline performance.
Turn every rep into a top performer and stay on top of every deal
AI-boosted efficiency
Give reps more time to sell with AI call summaries that instantly translate customer insights into automatic Salesforce field updates and Slack notifications and AI-generated follow-up emails that keep prospects engaged while eliminating 90% of writing time.
Strategic coaching and training
No more tedious call reviews. Get immediately notified of coaching opportunities found in call summaries so you can jump in and guide reps to success. And use the Ask Momentum bot to query details from any call and craft custom call frameworks that allow you to train new reps on your best practices.
Always up-to-date data
Automatically capture MEDDIC and custom Salesforce field data from customer interactions and sync it back to Salesforce in real time, ensuring always-accurate CRM data that improves pipeline health, decision-making, and forecasting.
Seamless cross-functional collaboration
Bring your teams together and keep deals updated effortlessly right in Slack. Automatically invite key stakeholders, capture and share critical CRM updates and deal insights, and facilitate seamless post-sales handoffs to your customer success team.

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Culture Amp
Arc Boosts Sales, Marketing, and CS Efficiency with Momentum
When Steve Dinner joined in 2023 to streamline RevOps, his goal was to bring on a tool for workflow automation. Recognizing the power of automation, he aimed to reduce reps' time on non-revenue tasks, focusing on high-value sales activities like research and calls.
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Steve Dinner
Head of RevOps
Regular teams
Before Momentum
😰 Manual CRM tasks slow reps down and degrade data accuracy
😰 A lack of pipeline visibility limits coaching opportunities and skews forecasts 
😰 Inefficient workflows and siloed teams block deal progress
😰 Sales call reviews suck up valuable time
After Momentum
😌 Automatic CRM updates free reps to focus on selling and streamline data hygiene
😌 Real-time pipeline visibility helps you boost team performance and sharpen forecasts
😌 Streamlined workflows with built-in collaboration close deals faster
😌 AI call summaries deliver actionable insights immediately
Momentum Blog
Learn how AI is revolutionizing B2B sales by enhancing lead qualification, personalizing sales interactions, and optimizing data hygiene and forecasting.
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