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Memo emoji to add notes to salesforce
March 3, 2024

Memo emoji to add notes to salesforce

With this recipe setup, you can use the :memo: Slack emoji to add the message as a Salesforce Note.

Note that to use the current date in your title, you can check out the recipe ‘Push Slack Message as Note to Opportunity’ which uses the emoji :spiral_note_pad:

To setup this workflow:

  1. Go to the Momentum web app. You can navigate to Momentum home from your Slack workspace like so:

a) From the list of apps in your Slack workspace, click on ‘Momentum’ to view the Momentum app home

         b. Click on “Momentum App” to navigate to the web app.

   2. Next, click on "Library of Recipes" on the left

3. You will find a list of available recipes here. Select the recipe titled

       "Memo emoji  to add notes to salesforce"

   4. Enter the details shown in the recipe.

5. Add the title you would like to give your salesforce note.

Click on ‘Create Workflow

That's it! Here on, you can react to a deal room message with memo emoji & a note will be created in Salesforce in the corresponding opportunity.🙂

You can activate or deactivate your workflow anytime using the “active” switch in Momentum home.