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Momentum Security
March 3, 2024

Momentum Security

What information Momentum can see from Slack

At Momentum, we take our customers’ data very seriously. Since day one, security and privacy have been “job zero” for us and part of every decision that we make. Momentum is currently SOC-2 Type 2 certified and this has been attested by an external auditing firm. Read our full security policy here ->

This section lists what information Momentum will be able to access in your workspace. Momentum is only able to access information about channels in which it is explicitly invited.

Content and information from channels and conversations:

Content and info about your workspace:

Actions that can be performed in Slack

This section lists what actions will Momentum be able to perform. Momentum will only be able to create and manage channels when it is explicitly invited or when it has created the channel itself on a users' behalf.

Perform actions in channels & conversations

Perform actions in your Slack workspace


  • Momentum will never join any public channel unless it has been initiated by the user. The only case in which Momentum will join a public channel which it didn't itself create is when a user subscribes to notifications of events from salesforce into Slack, which makes it user-initiated.
  • Momentum only views/reacts to messages from deal rooms, which are channels that Momentum creates.
  • Momentum will not be able to view any information about private channels or join any private channel unless it has been added explicitly to the channel by a user already present in that channel.
  • Momentum will not perform any administrative actions in your slack workspace.
  • For the time being, Momentum does not store any content from your Slack messages in our database. We will inform your team in advance if that were to change in the future.