Unlock data from past calls and sync it to Salesforce at scale

Backfill empowers sales teams to analyze thousands of previous customer calls to extract valuable insights and Salesforce field data that would be time-prohibitive to collect manually.

"For someone in my role, being on top of every potential churn risk and upsell opportunity without getting bogged down by the details is crucial. Momentum's smart notifications and summaries keep us agile and focused on growth. Feeling grateful to be riding this wave of efficiency and collaboration with Momentum."
Sam Lee
Head of RevOps @ Unit21
Extract insights in hours instead of months
Backfill’s AI-powered technology allows for rapid extraction and analysis, providing real-time insights that would otherwise require months and multiple team members’ time (or an intern’s entire summer) to obtain. 
Go as far back as you need to
Backfill can analyze tens of thousands of past customer interactions, providing organizations with a complete view of their customers’ journey and behavior over time. 
Write directly to your Salesforce fields
Not only does Backfill save time by eliminating manual data collection, but it also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, loading data where you need it and improving CRM data quality. 
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10x data hygiene for more accurate decision-making
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