Unlock Hidden Insights
From Your Past Calls

Backfill empowers revenue organizations to extract insights from past customer interactions. Use Backfill to analyze thousands of  customer calls and write valuable CRM information that would have been time-consuming to collect manually.

Backfill can analyze tens of thousands of past customer interactions, providing organizations with a complete view of their customers' journey and behavior over time.

Backfill’s advanced technology allows for rapid data extraction and analysis, providing real-time insights that would have required teams of summer interns to obtain.

Not only does Backfill save time by eliminating manual data collection, but it also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, loading the data where you need it.

Start with automations. Add on AI for Sales. Transform your revenue process.

Data Insights

Keep opportunities updated in Salesforce with CRM suggestions based on call details

Calendar Schedule

Sync with Google calendar to capture notes for every single call without any extra effort

Tasks and Next Steps

Add tasks and next steps to your opportunities automatically  

Smart Connectivity

Share your calls across Slack and Salesforce, and connect tasks to other tools like Asana

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