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Integrating Clari with Momentum AI
March 3, 2024

Integrating Clari with Momentum AI

Bring your Clari fields into Slack using Momentum

With Momentum’s Clari integration, users can now incorporate Clari calculated fields inside of Slack and surface this as a notification or inside a Deal or Account room.

To get started with Clari, an editor from your organization will need to provide a Clari API key for Momentum to make requests. First, open the API Token section under your Clari organization’s settings.

Next, create, copy, then paste the token in the Clari tab of Momentum’s Integration page. By pressing the “API KEY” button, an integration’s API key can be saved or deleted. Only one API Key may be used for this integration per organization. If the Clari integration is already connected, you may delete the Api Key to disconnect the integration at any time.

Make sure to save the token after pasting it in the provided field. After successfully saving the token, a connected status in Clari’s integration section should now be displayed:

Your Momentum organization is now connected to Clari, and has access to your organization’s calculated fields inside of Clari.

To turn on CRM scoring in Slack and bring your key Clari field data into Slack, contact us to set up a Momentum trial.