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Advanced Guide
February 3, 2024

Closed Won notification with Celebratory Note

Setting up a workflow to get the celebratory note from a user, and posting the announcement on a select Slack channel.


You will have to have an existing field in salesforce which lists the salesforce users. The user given in this field will be sent the notification for closed-won, asking to enter a celebratory note to share with the team.

To set up this workflow:

  1. Go to the Momentum web app. You can navigate to Momentum directly from your Slack workspace.

a) Find the Momentum app from the list of apps in your Slack workspace and click on "Momentum App" displayed at the top.

b) This will directly take you to the Momentum app where you can now set up your workflow

  1. Next, click on "Library of Recipes" on the left
  1. You will find a list of available recipes here. Select the recipe titled "Closed Won notification with Celebratory Note"
  2. Enter the details shown in the recipe.
A quick look at what the fields imply:

Although, the fields given are self-explanatory, here are a few additional details if required.

Name & description

Here name implies the name of the workflow which is created using the recipe. Adding a sensible name and description to the workflow will help you keep your workflows organized.

Channel where the Announcement needs to be posted

This dropdown will list all the slack channels available in your workspace. Select the channel in which you want to post the closed won announcement

Select the field where SA info is captured

This dropdown lists all the fields in the opportunity object. You can choose the filed which gives the user details in the opportunity. This user will be sent a closed won notification who can then add a celebratory note which can be shared with the selected Slack channel Note that is if this field in salesforce is left empty, this workflow will fail.

An example use case:

Assume the assigned “<>” is supposed to receive a notification of an opportunity closed won.


Opportunity lost reason once the opportunity is moved from negotiation or proposal to closed lost.

Channel where the Announcement needs to be posted

#opportunity-won A specific channel in this case where all opportunity won cases are recorded.

Select the field where SA info is captured

Asigned SE (custom sales force field used in this example which lists all the users) This is a custom salesforce field used in this example.

Finally, click on create recipe & your workflow is all set to be used!

You can activate or deactivate your workflow anytime using the “active” switch in momentum home.