Focus your time and energy where it matters

Momentum summarizes your sales calls, automates your Salesforce updates, and keeps you on top of every deal in Slack—so you can focus on selling.
Less admin. More visibility. More closed deals. 
AI call summaries 
Focus on discovery, not note-taking. Momentum instantly summarizes every call, identifies key insights, and sends updates to Slack in real time. 
Automatic Salesforce updates 
No more manual updates. Momentum identifies MEDDIC, next step, and custom field inputs in customer calls and emails and turns them into CRM data automatically.  
Next step notifications
Always know your next move. Automated workflows and real-time customer insights trigger Slack notifications that help you drive deals forward. 
Perfect follow-up emails
Build better relationships with less effort. Momentum AI-generates highly contextual follow-up emails that keep prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle. 

You're in good company....

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How Arc improved visibility across their pipeline with Momentum
When Arc initially partnered with Momentum, they grappled with lack of pipeline visibility, disconnected sales operations, and uninformed decision-making. Now they've seen significant improvements in these areas and more.
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Scott Miller
Head of RevOps
Regular teams
Before Momentum
😰 (Way) too much of the day spent on low-value admin tasks 
😰 Hard to keep track of updates and next steps for multiple deals at different stages
😰 Time wasted switching between tools and chasing down collaborators
After Momentum
😌 Prioritize high-value sales activities and automate the rest
😌 Never miss a beat with real-time deal updates and next step notifications
😌 Streamline collaboration, approvals, and handoffs all in Slack
Momentum Blog
Learn how AI is revolutionizing B2B sales by enhancing lead qualification, personalizing sales interactions, and optimizing data hygiene and forecasting.
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