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Treasure Data automates deal desk workflows and increases team efficiency

Apr 5, 2024
Ashley Wilson
With so much demand and many sales teams around the world, Treasure Data’s global sales teams needed a way to streamline their deal desk processes to push forward complex deals while keeping key data like approvals organized in a central hub.
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Treasure Data helps companies deliver great customer experiences in marketing, service, and sales by simplifying customer data management. Its platform balances privacy and data, empowering users to be more customer-centric, drive exceptional experiences, and build trust. Since its founding in 2011, they’ve worked with enterprise customers around the world, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

“We’re in a hypergrowth mode right now, so automation is really what we’re focused on.”

– Mark

With so much demand and many sales teams around the world, Treasure Data’s global sales teams needed a way to streamline their deal desk processes to push forward complex deals while keeping key data like approvals organized in a central hub.

Here’s how Momentum helped Treasure Data automate and scale its deal desk workflows:

The challenge: Automating deal desk workflows and documenting approvals

As the Senior Director of Global Deal Desk at Treasure Data, Mark Moore is focused on structuring and writing deals. He partners with the global sales teams on deal structuring, objection handling, and pricing to ensure strategic positioning and policy compliance. In his words, “I’m where sales, legal, and finance come together.”

Deal desk plays an essential role in Treasure Data’s sales structure. They help evaluate the relevance of complex deals, ensure they flow through the pipeline, and get signed.

With the company in hyper-growth mode, Mark was looking for a centralized solution that would help him collaborate with internal teams, capture critical activities that sync with Salesforce, and manage internal approvals using automation.

His main challenge was finding a way to document all of the approvals he oversaw when all of the company’s contracts lived in Salesforce — a challenge he’d repeatedly come up against throughout his 20+ year career in deal desk.

“Someone in finance comes to me and says, where’s the approval for 120-day payment terms? I panic, then I have to scramble to say, I know I’ve got it. Where is it? Is it in a conversation? Is it in a thread? Is it in an email? And I have to search for it. I’ve had this issue my entire career.”

– Mark

The solution: Using Momentum to automate deal desk workflows and centralize approvals

Momentum’s Advanced Approvals enabled Treasure Data to automate parts of its deal desk workflows, enabling faster communication, access to crucial documentation like approvals, and key info all in one central hub.

Mark’s favorite aspect of Momentum is that teams can make changes to any opportunity field or add activity logs right from Slack and have it automatically update in Salesforce, so critical info is always up-to-date.

“We have probably 12 different projects going on with Momentum at any given time. Anything Salesforce that we come to them with, they come up with a solution.”

– Mark

Automating deal desk workflows allowed Mark to create repeatable motions that improve visibility, collaboration, and shorten sales cycles; all while improving the sales team’s productivity and performance.

When it comes to the approval process and documentation, Momentum has allowed Mark to easily manage and automate approvals in Slack so Treasure Data’s revenue team can sail through deal stages without waiting around.

The results: Momentum brings structure and efficiency to Treasure Data’s deal desk function

Automating the approval workflow with Momentum created a single source of truth for Treasure Data’s deal desk — and a sigh of relief for Mark. The team now has a well-structured and standardized deal desk process to support shorter sales cycles.

Finding approvals has never been easier for Mark, saving him weeks of tedious work.

“Now it’s just super easy. It’s like helping yourself. It’s on the Salesforce opportunity. Just go to the Momentum object and it’s all documented. Approval workflows are huge. And this has saved me weeks and weeks of tedious work.”

– Mark

Momentum has been an invaluable partner for Mark and the team at Treasure Data, creating an automated and streamlined sales process across their global teams by integrating Salesforce, Slack, and others tools like Outreach, Gong, and more in their sales tech stack.

“Momentum has been a great business partner integration between Salesforce and other tools. They’ve come up with some really interesting solutions.”

– Mark

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