Case Study Boosts Sales, Marketing, and CS Efficiency with Momentum

Mar 1, 2024
Ashley Wilson
About wanted to bring on a tool for workflow automation. Recognizing the power of automation, he aimed to reduce reps' time on non-revenue tasks, focusing on high-value sales activities like research and calls.
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Palo Alto, CA
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BACKGROUND is an all-in-one restaurant marketing platform that helps thousands of independent restaurants simplify their online presence and grow sales with SEO-optimized websites, mobile apps, email and text marketing, online ordering, commission-free delivery, and more. The company is addressing an important need in the market and growing fast with small local businesses that use’s tools to compete against large corporate restaurant chains. 

After their current tool was announced to be sunset, was on the market to find a replacement tool that could automate workflows between Salesforce and Slack to increase their sales reps’ efficiency. And that’s when they found Momentum. 


When Steve Dinner joined in 2023 to streamline RevOps, his goal was to bring on Troops for workflow automation. Recognizing the power of automation, he aimed to reduce reps' time on non-revenue tasks, focusing on high-value sales activities like research and calls.

“With automation, there’s a tendency for people to worry that it will replace their job, or parts of their job. But the goal is to figure out how to make the humans in the seat do more of the actions that only they can do. Rather than having reps update Salesforce manually by navigating to the record, how do we make it so that reps can spend more time working their deals and prospecting?” 

The problem: Troops had been acquired and weren't offering new contracts. needed to find a new tool that offered the same automation capabilities. An initial search didn’t turn up good options and the team was looking at having to create their own in-house solution. Then the VP of Sales heard about Momentum and they decided to do a trial. 


With Momentum, found the automation they were looking for and so much more. 

“The nice thing about Troops was that it was pretty straightforward,” says Steve, “but it had nowhere near the raw power you get in Momentum.” 

Momentum Automations

Momentum offers far more flexibility in customizing automated workflows and its deep integration with Salesforce and Slack made implementation a breeze. Using Momentum’s automation, can now streamline collaboration across teams and fast track approvals. 

“With Momentum, you can essentially just create an approval field, set up a notification, set up a quick permission set so that only managers can update the field, and boom—there’s an approval real-time in Slack. The value you get from that is huge.”

AI-generated Call Summaries

On top of powerful automation, Momentum’s AI-generated call summaries and real-time notifications are taking the sales team’s productivity to another level. Reps now spend far less time taking notes and updating Salesforce fields after a call, and customer insights are delivered directly to them in Slack. 

"Momentum is great for the reps. These are tasks they don't like doing, or insights they'd otherwise miss. Asking them to go into legacy software daily to provide updates doesn't feel valuable to them, but a personalized feed of actions to take right in Slack reduces administrative burden and surfaces key information to help them win more deals.”

Coaching and Skills Development

And with Momentum, managers no longer have to spend hours reviewing sales calls to help reps succeed. Coaching and intervention opportunities can be immediately identified and acted on, helping close more deals. 

“Momentum allows you to be proactive. Maybe the outcome of a rep’s month changes because you can intercede earlier. You can do micro coaching sessions that prevent issues throughout the month, rather than hoping you’ll catch issues during a big call review at the end of the month.”


Momentum is improving visibility and outcomes for other teams at as well, including marketing and customer success. 

  • Improved reaction time: Marketing sees lead notifications as soon as they’re submitted, improving reaction time and leading to better marketing results overall.
  • Enhanced onboarding experience:’s onboarding team uses Momentum to keep the post-sales setup process progressing smoothly. They have custom notifications set up to fire after every meeting that prep them for the next step and provide all the info they need to fill in Salesforce fields and keep new accounts up to date. 

And Steve can’t say enough about Momentum’s hands-on partnership and responsiveness to customer feedback. 

“If you don’t see something you’re looking for, chances are they’re already thinking about it, or they’re really excited to hear about it. And their pace of delivery is crazy. Anytime I say, ‘I’d really like to be able to do this,’ more often than not, the feature just appears in my dashboard.” 


Today, not only leverages Momentum's robust automation capabilities and seamless integration with Salesforce and Slack, but benefits from AI-driven call summaries and real-time notifications. This comprehensive approach not only saves valuable time for sales reps but also facilitates the efficient sharing of crucial customer insights throughout the entire organization.