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Arc Improves Visibility Across Their Pipeline with Momentum

Mar 14, 2024
Ashley Wilson
When Arc initially partnered with Momentum, they grappled with specific challenges that hindered their operational efficiency, such as lack of pipeline visibility and disconnected SalesOps.
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San Francisco, California
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Arc, the future of startup finance, provides capital and cash management solutions to software startups. Their digital platform offers tailored financial products, aiming to facilitate capital raising without substantial dilution or risky debt for startups. The platform empowers founders to safely manage payments, store deposits, access financing, and earn yield all in one place. Today, Arc has secured over $31 million in equity and $150 million in debt capital.

When Arc initially partnered with Momentum, they grappled with specific challenges that hindered their operational efficiency. Scott Miller, RevOps Lead at Arc, pointed out three immediate areas for improvement:

- Lack of pipeline visibility: Before integrating Momentum, Arc faced difficulties in tracking the progress of deals through their pipeline, leading to a lack of real-time insights. This resulted in a constant need for updates and hindered effective decision-making.

- Disconnected sales operations: The absence of real-time insights created a disconnect among teams, making it more challenging for Arc to maintain a comprehensive view of the stream of events across all sales operations. This hindered their ability to respond promptly to progressing deals.

- Less-than-informed decision-making: The lack of pipeline transparency not only impeded effective decision-making but also created a need for constant follow-ups and updates on deal progress. This inefficiency posed challenges in maintaining an agile and responsive sales operation.

"Before bringing on Momentum, we had a problem with our pipeline update visibility. There was a lot of scrambling to find out what was happening with each deal as it moved through our pipeline. It was more difficult to have a finger on the pulse of the stream of events across all of our sales operations."

The Solution

Arc responded promptly to their challenges by implementing Momentum's Notifications and AI-generated call summaries. 

Notifications for real-time insights: Arc harnessed Momentum's Notifications to address the pressing need for real-time insights into deal progress.

"We immediately set up Momentum Notifications to keep everyone better informed of deal progress," says Scott.

The user-friendly interface of Momentum made the process seamless, allowing the Arc team to push notifications wherever needed within Slack. This real-time visibility into deal progress transformed their operational efficiency, providing teams with timely updates and eliminating the need for constant follow-ups.

AI Summaries for streamlined insights capture: Arc integrated Momentum's AI Summaries into their existing workflows. The AI Summaries feature enabled reps, leadership, and other teams to effortlessly access and act on insights without the manual effort of reviewing entire call recordings. This integration not only streamlined the information capture process but also contributed to more informed decision-making and collaboration within the organization.

"Being able to push AI-generated summaries of our Gong calls into Slack is really powerful. It eliminates the need for our leadership to ask what happened in individual calls—they can just see the summary and ask questions in Slack. And they can follow up with the rep if they need to write in the same thread."

The Results

Upon implementing Momentum's solutions, Arc witnessed significant improvements in their operational efficiency and communication, such as:

- Real-time visibility: Notifications within Slack reduced response time for reps and leaders, fostering agility and speed in decision-making. 
- Improved communication: Leveraging call summaries in Slack streamlined communication channels, replacing extensive and unnecessary email threads. This enhanced team collaboration through quicker and more direct exchanges of information.
- Streamlined day-to-day operations: AI Summaries integrated into Arc's workflow also reduced the time spent on manual call reviews, leading to quicker decision-making and a more streamlined daily workflow.

Says CRO, Basile Senesi, "Momentum has genuinely streamlined the way we tackle sales and customer success at our company. It's like having an extra set of hands on deck, especially with its integration of key tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Gong, right into our daily workflow. As a CRO, the AI-driven insights and warning system for churn risks have been invaluable, allowing us to be proactive in our approach."

Arc's partnership with Momentum proved instrumental in overcoming critical operational challenges. By seamlessly integrating Momentum's Notifications and AI-generated call summaries, Arc achieved real-time visibility into its pipeline, streamlined communication within the organization and significantly improved the efficiency of its day-to-day operations.  Arc remains excited about the future of Momentum, particularly in how the company will continue to launch new AI features to further help optimize the sales processes, enhance decision-making, and stay at the forefront of advancements in the dynamic landscape of revenue operations.

"I'm a huge fan of both the team and the product," says Basile. "Their responsiveness and custom solutions have made a noticeable difference. Enhanced productivity, automated processes, and bolstered collaboration – that's the kind of support a forward-thinking operation needs."