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Integrate Asana with Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and more for more streamlined team communication

Use automated workflows to bring your tasks, to-do’s, and requests from Asana to other sales tools you use for seamless collaboration. 

The painless way to stay on top of your most pressing tasks in Asana

Every time I start with a company, there are foundational building blocks we have to get. Salesforce is one of those. Momentum is another, because it ties together all those pieces - Salesforce, CPQ, your email tool - and makes it easy for sales reps to see that data, for your team to collaborate, and for that data to be updated.


Andrew Angus

VP of Sales

Andrew Angus

Integrate Asana with Momentum in minutes:

Type /integr into any Slack channel to display the “Configure Integrations with Momentum” slash command.
Click “Authorize” to open a new browser tab and complete the authentication flow on Asana