Zooming to Insights, Elevating Efficiency, and Ramping Up Automation: Unveiling our Q2 '23 Product Releases

Jul 24, 2023
Ashley Wilson

As we moved into the second quarter of 2023, our "momentum" only accelerated. The explosion of AI in the B2B landscape continues to fuel our efforts to create integrations, tools, and features that make sales, customer success, and revenue operations more efficient and impactful. Let's recap all that we launched! 

Zoom Integration

Generate AI summaries, CRM fields, email follow ups and more from your Zoom recordings 

This quarter, we launched our Momentum AI integration with Zoom! This means Momentum can access calls recorded using Zoom and then give you all the Sales AI magic, including summaries, MEDDIC autopilot, the AskMomentum bot. All you have to do is authorize Zoom with Momentum and you're on your way to getting valuable insights from your calls and better data into your CRM.

Spotless 2.0 

Craft impactful interactions with less effort and more impact

Our AI-powered email follow-ups are generated immediately after your call is finished, cutting email creation time by 90%. And because the email suggestions show up in Slack and open directly in Gmail, getting these sent out is a breeze.

AdvancedRouting of Call Summaries

Customize the destination of your call summaries 

Momentum's AI Call Summaries took a big leap in terms of customization this quarter. You can now direct summaries to specific locations based on the details of the call, giving you scope for better organization and information allocation. You can also set focus areas for all your calls, pick the formatting of summaries you want to generate, and surface different data insights depending on details like the stage of your deal, whether it's a pre- or post-sales call, etc.

AskMomentum Bot

Your friendly bot for post-call insights

We introduced AskMomentum, our intelligent bot that not only gives you valuable insights post-call, including information on key decision-makers, close dates and champions, but also directly pushes these critical insights to Salesforce without you lifting a finger.

Time-Based Notifications

Automated reminders for everything from contract renewals to missing data

On the  Momentum Automation side, we released time-based notifications. Now you won't need to worry about remembering to track renewal timelines, keep track of due dates or deal with stale data. Push the right notification at the right time to ensure quality data hygiene in Salesforce.

Notifications and Approvals Builder Enhancements

Send Group DMs and many new additions!

Finally, we did a big push with our enhanced Notifications and Approvals Builder. This update introduces the option to send Group DMs and a host of other powerful features to empower you to manage your workflows easier. 

Q3 - here we come!

Q2's exciting developments have further solidified Momentum’s role in revolutionizing the automation and AI realm. With each new release, we continue to empower sales reps to work smarter and become more efficient. The journey ahead in Q3 promises to be just as exciting. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate!