Introducing Custom Summaries: Your Sales Calls, Your Way

May 28, 2024
Ashley Wilson
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We are thrilled to unveil Custom Summaries, a groundbreaking feature that allows sales and customer success teams to refine their call summaries and notes with their own prompts, ensuring every detail aligns with what matters most to your business.

🎯 Full Control: Define exactly what your summaries look like. Want your summary to focus on MEDDIC or SPICED qualification on an early call? Go for it! Want your active customer calls to highlight product feedback and positive/negative sentiment? Make it happen!

✍️ Prompt Engineering at your fingertips: 2024 is the year of prompt engineering, and we’re leading the charge. With Custom Summaries, you can tailor every type of call analysis to meet your unique needs.

🏅 First to Market: We’re proud to be the first to market this innovative feature. This continues our legacy of industry firsts, including being the first to summarize sales calls over a year and a half ago and pioneering field extractions.

Experience the future of sales call analysis with Custom Summaries. Your calls, your summaries, your way.