Announcing: Automatic Churn Risk Detection

Apr 12, 2024
Ashley Wilson

Momentum AI now listens to customer calls and flags potential churn signals before they escalate - done automatically at scale, delivered in Slack, and always in sync with Salesforce.

Momentum is always listening, spotting tell-tale signs someone might be leaving.

The moment we hear a churn risk, you'll get a ping in Slack with the what, why, and how. No delays, just action.

One click and the insights are tracked in Salesforce for easy reporting

Why does this matter for your bottom line? Catching and addressing churn risks early means you keep more customers. More customers sticking around = more revenue. It's that simple. Plus, it gives your team the edge they need to not just react, but proactively engage and turn potential losses into wins.

Would love to have you try it out today on a free trial!