Automatically turn sales and customer calls into CRM data  

Momentum integrates with Zoom to captures AI-powered call summaries, field updates and tasks, and syncs everything with Salesforce and Slack.

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Identify Churn and Pipeline Risk

Momentum focuses on insights tailored for sales and CS. Take action now without waiting for your weekly pipeline or account review meetings.

Save 10 hours/week of listening time

No sales manager should spend multiple hours a day reviewing their team calls. Get a glimpse into every call in just seconds, and decide where to allocate coaching time.

Keep Salesforce Updated Automatically

Momentum is listening for key deal data to update Salesforce for you. Update MEDDIC, next steps, close date, and more with just a click.

Data and Security

At Momentum, we take our customers’ data very seriously. Since day one, security and privacy have been “job zero” for us and part of every decision that we make. Momentum is currently SOC-2 Type 2 certified and this has been attested by an external auditing firm. The following pages have more details on Momentum Security Practices as well as our Privacy Policy