Run a repeatable sales motion in Slack and push quality data into your CRM

Momentum empowers sales teams to update Salesforce faster than ever using Slack and automation. Make your sales process actionable with notifications, form fields, and deal rooms that automatically sync back to Salesforce.

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Trigger Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Momentum triggers real-time alerts from any Salesforce object. React quicker, collaborate easier, and drive deals forward faster.

Bring unparalleled visibility to every important deal

Keep all internal deal communication and updates centralized and accessible in a single Slack Deal Room for clear deal history and easy audits across your organization.

Keep approvals auditable & synced to Salesforce CPQ

See and manage approvals via Slack DM, Deal Rooms, or in-thread messages at the right time, without combing through dozens of emails and losing track of where deals stand. Then sync it all back to Salesforce CPQ to keep a record.

How to Install Momentum

You can install Momentum in two easy steps and it takes less than 2 minutes!


Install Momentum in Slack

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Authorize access into Salesforce from Slack.

Go to the Momentum App in Slack
(Cmd + K → Momentum) and click the Home tab at the top:

Next, click the Authorize button

Data and Security

At Momentum, we take our customers’ data very seriously. Since day one, security and privacy have been “job zero” for us and part of every decision that we make. Momentum is currently SOC-2 Type 2 certified and this has been attested by an external auditing firm. The following pages have more details on Momentum Security Practices as well as our Privacy Policy