Save your team hours of manual work every single week

Momentum is the new way to run your sales motions - it integrates all your tools and deal data in a Slack-first experience so you can efficiently run your playbook from one place.

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Break out of the tech silos

Today, revenue teams have to manage multiple tools in their sales tech stack to run their processes and are slowed down by context switching costs and siloed information. Momentum automates the busy work and meets your team in the tools they know and love.

How Momentum Works

Workflows that connect all your tools and fit all your processes

Momentum captures AI-powered notes and tasks automatically after calls and syncs it to Salesforce and Slack.

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Deal Rooms are Slack Channels dedicated to specific sales opportunities, giving teams a space to collaborate, share details, and discuss next steps. Deal Rooms capture deal information and update Salesforce instantly, while bringing in deal details across all your sales tools so teams stay in the loop.

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Notifications trigger real-time alerts from Salesforce to Slack, so you can deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Build customized notification workflows tailored to your team’s preferences, or use pre-built recipes for the most popular workflows.

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Automated playbooks proactively set your teams up for success by coaching them on what to do and how to do it with checklists, resources, and written explanations. Run your sales processes as intended, through every stage of the sales cycle.

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Approvals help your revenue teams close deals faster by cutting out any waiting time. Create and manage custom deal desk and CPQ deal desk and CPQ approval workflows in Slack that are fully integrated with Salesforce CPQ.

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Get started in seconds with plug and play integrations

Momentum comes with native integrations for the most popular sales tools, so you can hit the ground running on day one.

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Automatically create tasks
Post call insights in Deal Room
Share call with relevant stakeholders

In my 15+ years in SalesOps and Deal Desk, auditable non-standard deal approval documentation has been an unaddressed challenge. Momentum has a simple and elegant solution for this. I can get executive approval via Slack and archive it directly into Salesforce. Absolutely brilliant!

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Mark Moore


Mark Moore