Momentum raises $5M to bring Slack deal rooms and no-code automation to Sales

Nov 10, 2021
Santiago Suarez Ordonez

Today is a big day for us. We’re excited to share that Momentum has raised $5M in seed funding to operationalize sales motions and transform how companies drive revenue.

The round was led by Basis Set Ventures, with support from Inovia Capital, Leadout Capital, and South Park Commons as well as prominent revenue leaders who believe in our vision, including Zhenya Loginov, CRO at Miro, Oliver Jay, Head of Global Revenue at Asana, Francoise Brougher, fmr COO of Pinterest, and Kyle Parrish, Head of Sales at Figma.

Enterprise Selling is complex and things get messy - quickly

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without customers and revenue, innovation can’t happen. As a company moves up-market, more people in an organization are needed to help close a deal. From finance and legal, to sales engineering and customer success, revenue teams are expected to be the driving force behind closing a deal and coordinating support and communication along the way.

This is where things quickly get messy for fast-growing SaaS revenue teams. In today’s highly connected, buy vs. build world, teams are overwhelmed with the large number of tools required to get their work done. As a result, revenue teams find themselves managing a complex dance of communication and coordination to close even a $5k annual contract. The shift to distributed work adds yet another layer of complexity. A sales rep can no longer simply walk by the finance team to find out who is working on their latest contract. Remote-first work reinforces the need for clear ownership, a streamlined process, and modern tooling.

Without the right sales infrastructure to automate these many processes, companies are turning to Slack as their best option to manage deal coordination. But as we all know, it’s easy to miss all that’s happening in various channels. This leads to ad-hoc processes, a lack of accountability or visibility, and extra noise.

Momentum operationalizes sales and helps teams close deals faster

That’s where Momentum comes in. We began building Momentum in mid-2020 as a way to better connect Slack and Salesforce, and meet the needs of highly collaborative, remote teams. Once we started working with customers and improving data hygiene and auditability in Slack, we discovered that our reach could go much deeper. So we started building a no code automation platform that could provide a modern, tech-forward infrastructure layer that’s sorely lacking in sales.

Momentum gives teams the building blocks to create rich, interactive workflows that blend collaboration and automation. We use automation to operationalize sales and standardize the repeatable parts of a complex deal. Whether it’s looping in resources, asking for approvals, or requesting a security review, we help revenue teams streamline how they run a deal and follow processes.

Momentum isn’t yet another tool that teams need to learn or onboard into. We have a native presence in Slack, where most revenue teams already work, and we turn Slack channels into Smart Deal Rooms that feature a two-way connection to Salesforce. We handle things like updating opportunities, taking notes, tracking calls and emails, and capturing files.

On top of that, we provide an easy way to connect the rest of your sales stack, from Google Workspace to Asana to Outreach. We let revenue teams build anything from a simple notification workflow to a complex approval motion on top of Salesforce.

Where Momentum Is Heading

With this round of funding, we’re building new functionality that puts our product at the center of sales, making us one of the most relied-on tools among teams. Today we’re announcing our recipe library, which is a no-code way for revenue teams to turn on notifications, approvals, and other common workflows with the click of a button. For more advanced users, we offer an editor to build customizable workflows that streamline just about any sales process.

We’re working with exciting companies like Honeycomb, Twingate, and Sentry to automate their sales motions and deal collaboration process, and are excited to expand our offering to more SaaS companies that are facing the challenge of managing complexity with closing deals.  We’re also growing our team, and hiring across engineering and go-to-market teams, like sales, marketing, and customer success.

We’re just at the beginning of our journey, and we know we still have a lot of work to do to serve the complex needs of the modern sales team. If you’re excited about what we’re building and would like to learn more about us, reach out at, we’d love to hear from you!