Momentum helps Chowly improve internal efficiency and drive collaboration using AI and automation.

Sep 4, 2023
Ashley Wilson

In the fast-paced world of sales and revenue operations, streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and maximizing efficiency are paramount for success. Chowly, a leading online ordering and  third-party integrator in the restaurant industry, was facing several challenges in scaling their operations and optimizing their revenue org. In search of a solution, they turned to Momentum to achieve greater efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and accelerate their growth.

Who is Chowly?

Chowly is a online ordering and third-party integrator that seamlessly transfers orders from food delivery platforms like DoorDash into the point-of-sale (POS) systems of restaurants. With over 100 employees spread across the United States and clients worldwide, Chowly needed to address scalability, process inefficiencies, and remote work challenges to streamline internal efficiency.

Challenges faced by Chowly before implementing Momentum:

  • Scalability: As Chowly started to grow their team, their existing processes struggled to keep up with the increasing volume of sales and customer demands.
  • Inefficient Processes: Manual tasks and fragmented communication channels, particularly within Salesforce, hindered productivity and collaboration amongst sales and support teams.
  • Remote Work Challenges: With a dispersed workforce, effective communication and real-time visibility into operations and live coaching for reps became critical for rep development and maintaining cohesion and efficiency.
  • Time Management: Sales reps and managers were spending considerable time on administrative tasks, such as deal closing, approvals, and billing, reducing their productivity.

After discovering Momentum, Chowly quickly recognized its potential to fundamentally transform the way they operate. Momentum provided an automation playground that empowered Chowly to build quick notifications, leverage AI, and integrate custom solutions tailored to their unique needs.

A few ways Chowly leverages Momentum’s AI and automation capabilities

Momentum's AI and automation capabilities have streamlined processes across sales, billing, and support, saving valuable time and increasing collaboration across teams.

One powerful feature Chowly leverages is AI call summaries, which effortlessly transform each call into valuable CRM data. These summaries, along with field updates and tasks, are seamlessly captured and synchronized with Salesforce and Slack, providing comprehensive information to the entire team in seconds.

"The AI call stuff—I mean, anyone who uses it, —just blows them away. It's truly remarkable! The time it saves our reps is insane. They can now focus on other critical tasks while relying on the high-quality output generated by Momentum. The best part is that the AI output requires minimal edits, making it even more efficient and reliable."
- Alex Carstens, Director of Revenue Operations at Chowly

Chowly has also streamlined approval processes by building customized workflows, reducing cycle time, and fostering collaboration. Discounts and credits can now be easily managed through Slack, with approval notifications sent to the sales manager, saving significant time and streamlining the workflow.

Before implementing Momentum, if someone needed to offer credits or discounts on a deal, the rep would have to go through a lengthy process of pinging the sales manager and following multiple steps. It was time-consuming and disruptive. Now, with Momentum, reps can simply put the discounts on the deal, bring it to Slack, the sales manager approves it, and the rep gets notified. This streamlined workflow has significantly reduced the ordeal from about 5 minutes to just about 45 seconds. It's truly been a game-changer, giving people valuable time back in their day.

And those are just a few examples. Chowly has truly harnessed the full potential of Momentum's capabilities, leveraging its transformative power to drive positive impact across every function of the business.

  • Sales efficiency: Momentum has enabled reps to share deal updates and celebrate successes in Slack. And with Momentum’s integration with Gong, managers could also provide feedback to junior reps on their sales pitches and foster a culture of learning and development.
  • Real-time visibility & discussions: Momentum's automation workflows allows Chowly to bring Salesforce data directly into Slack, their primary communication platform. This ensured everyone had access to real-time information about deals, and also proactively encouraged thought-provoking discussions around deals and customer feedback.
  • Time savings: Momentum eliminated time-consuming manual processes, such as deal approvals, discount requests, and refund processing. This saved valuable time for sales reps, managers, and support teams, enabling them to focus on core revenue-generating activities.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Momentum's integration with Slack improved communication and collaboration across all internal teams, ensuring everyone in the company had access to crucial customer information. Real-time visibility into customer churn cases also allowed the product team to get into the weeds of customer complaints, and use those insights to shape their roadmaps.

"I would highly recommend Momentum to any business because it not only makes your processes more efficient but transforms your entire business. With Momentum, you can streamline operations, improve productivity, and achieve remarkable efficiency gains. It's a game-changer that empowers your team to take control and drive success."
- Alex Carstens, Director of Revenue Operations at Chowly

Momentum has become an integral part of Chowly's success, unlocking their full potential and achieving outcomes they never thought possible. By leveraging Momentum's AI and automation features, Chowly has elevated their internal operations, optimized efficiency, and fostered a culture of collaboration. As they continue to grow and innovate, Momentum will undoubtedly remain a key component of Chowly's ongoing success story.